Michael Edwards






They only ever come to man

for food which he puts down ;

remove the food and it isn’t long

before the cat is not around.


Stalking out in hunting mood,

without due reason - just for fun,

attacking wild and innocent birds

killing each and every one.


Waking sleepers in the night

with wailing voices on the prowl

attacking bins and rubbish bags

and spreading refuse rank and foul.


Defiling gardens and public lawns

where people walk and children play.

Anti-socially roaming free

throughout the night, throughout the day.


Owners of dogs are responsible

for the dog poo left behind

so why do cat owners get off scot free

whilst owners of dogs are fined?


Dog owners take their pets on leads

and cats should be treated the same

so perhaps we shouldn’t denounce the cats

‘cos their owners are really to blame.



Michael Edwards © March 2018



  • Goldfinch60

    So very true Michael, you get my vote. As a bird watcher for over sixty years I find that cats are arrogant monsters.
    The statistics show that for every bird taken for food by a raptor four hundred get taken by cats to paly with!

    • Michael Edwards

      Thank goodness I am not alone. I do hold cat owners to blame. Allowing cats to wander at will shows irresponsibility and a total disregard for others. Dog owners can't do this so why should cat owners get away with it?

    • orchidee

      I always thought cats clean up after themselves. I've seen them digging holes to do their business, then covering it up again. Then they wash themselves. They can be independent though. You couldn't play 'fetch' with Tiddles as you can play it with Fido!

      • Michael Edwards

        I wish that were the case - I have their mess on the front borders as I type this and my son regularly clears up after them on his back lawn.

        • orchidee

          Our cats, and semi-adopted neighbours cat, must have been house-trained then - or garden-trained!

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        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          UNPOOPULAR MICHAEL ~ That is too kind a word ! If you were not one of my best Friends on MPS (I have a great respect for you !) I would riposte with a scourge on all DOGS ~ but I won't ! I can't have a CAT in a FLAT or even a CAT in a HAT. My Parents still have Cats and I visit often just to discuss Relativity etc now that Stephen Hawking has been called Home to Glory ! Dogs can be Domesticated (as you know) and Dogs in our extended Family are well behaved ~ and know their place ! Cats on the other hand are Mystical and Majestic and consider themselves to be well above Humans in the pecking order. They are too aloof and elegant to be domesticated and as for being constrained on a lead ~ it would unleash worldwide CATACLYSM ! They don't need us to feed Pus and the large colonies of Feral Cats in Athens and other Cities are a good example ! BUT they are very CrAfTy and in return for regular GOURMET WHISKERS etc they well allow you a stroke and will purrrrrrrrrr (not an aggressive BAAAAAARK) and will rub your leg in return ! Cats just do "what comes naturally" ~ just like Teenagers ! and we should LOVE THEM (Cats & Teens) for it ! I case my rest Yours BRIAN I am very tolerant today because (as you know) it is my DAY of ENGAGEMENT ~ Your Best friend on MPS ~ BRIAN ~ ANGELA sends her Love ~ her parents are CANINOPHILES ~ but I still love her even though I know she will want a DOG when we have Kids or (GOD forbid !) earlier !

          • Michael Edwards

            It\'s strange that leading well-respected breeders and those who show cats do not open their cages and runs to allow their cat\'s to run at will - they know how to look after them, feed them and give them the exercise they need. If they can manage with their clowders of cats why is it that so many who only one or two cats to care for feel the need to open their door and allow them to run havoc?

            As I said it's not the cats I rail against but their owners. Anyway enough ranting for one day - hope it turns out to be a good one (I\'m sure it will) and all the best my dear friend.

          • FineB

            Hi Michael,

            Great poem.

            Alas all creatures great and small are not infallible yes all of this down to the owners.

            Keep writing

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks FineB - shoot the owners problem solved.

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