Michael Edwards







With influences that latent sat

behind her flickering eyes of fire

she nerved she’d never lose desire

responding to her hearts diktat.


In firm repose she gave a sigh

her curbed demeanour now serene

with beauty that is rarely seen

save through an artist’s eye.






  • Goldfinch60

    It is amazing what beauty can be seen when transferred from the artists eye to the canvas.

    • Michael Edwards

      So true Andy - when I look at say a tree trunk I see a rainbow of colours (and if you look closely enough they are all there whether in the mind or in reality) - I don't see just brown.

    • orchidee

      A fine write Michael.

      • Michael Edwards

        Cheers O - don't look round but Mrs Berles is behind you !!

        • orchidee

          What's Tilla up to now?

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        • Fay Slimm.

          A few little lines and the image of beauty is there in your wonderful sketch Michael - - the verse too gives its reminder of what a true artist discerns - -- super read.

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Fay - I love the way the mind can interpret from such little information - I hate the term 'less is more' but in the absence of anything better I guess it applies here. Thank you so much for all your kind support.

          • FineB

            Thank you Michael.

            You certainly see life in an interesting way through an artist"s eye.

            Lovely poem and I like your sketch it reminds me of Picasso's blue woman painting.

            Don't forget the big Frida Kanlo exhibition on at the V& A from June.

            Keep writing

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks FineB - I hope to get there along with the Picasso and Anni Albers both at the Tate - I do like doing these line drawings seeing how much I can reduce them by.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks Michael ~ It's surprising what the sub-conscious can do with a few lines ~ Ah yea I remember her well (2003 - 4 !). Love the rhyme pattern in the Poem abba cddc etc ! I'm listening to Jazz on Radio 3 ( waiting for the National ~ please check my Poem) and your poem had a Jazz Rhythm ! I have the Mind of an Artist but (as yet) not quite the hand. Just got my Spring Set of Foot & Mouth Paintings ~ perhaps I might do better in either of those modes of painting ! Angela is going on a Year Exchange to New Zealand in May so I will have more time to try ACRYLICS ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

              • Michael Edwards

                Oh gosh you will miss her - the F & M painters are amazing so you get a set each season?

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  YES ~ some people say it is all a hoax ~ but you and I know they are genuine People with the MIND of an ARTIST but no HANDS ~ so they use their mouths and feet to great artistic effect ! I'm always using cards ~ I get them three times a year and always buy the full set and @ Christmas some wrapping paper as well ~ Angela (who is a better Artist than me !) supports them as well but it's less than £100 per year between us ~ OK I love their CALENDAR which comes @ Christmas ~ Yours BRIAN I have been to NZ and have an Uncle & Cousins in Auckland (They are Vets). Angela's Uncle is a Hospital Administrator and She & Ruth (her Flatmate) are exchanging with a Husband & Wife who are Physio and a Radiographer ~ it's been on the cards for a while ~ I can't go because I am still establishing myself @ College etc ~ C'est la Vie ~ BRIAN

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                • Daveyboyz

                  Good job Michael, both in the poetry and the image.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks Davey - appreciate your comments.

                  • Laura🌻

                    Love the sketch and the poem!

                    The following words sum up your message very well...

                    “...with beauty that is rearely seen
                    save through an artist’s eye.”

                    Awesomely done!


                    • Michael Edwards

                      Thank you Laura - your kind words mean a lot and helps give me the encouragement to keep going. !

                    • Christina8

                      It's amazing what, as an artist, you see and can be transferred to almost any medium. Also, great write! I like the rhyme scheme.

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Thanks - I have just completed a large acrylic semi-abstract - might post it tomorrow if I get it photoed (is there such a word? If not I'll take out copyright on it 🙂 ) in time - but yes I love to ring the changes.

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