LOVE ~ Is the greatest gift of all ! All the

other 8 gifts ~ such as JOY ~ depend on LOVE


JOY ~ If you Love and are loved ~ you will

be HAPPY and full of JOY every day !


PEACE ~ Peace is a state of mind ~ which is an

outcome of JOY ! Peace with GOD and with MAN


PATIENCE ~ This is an important gift especially

if we are working with people !  I teach 16 to 30's

so it is important that I never loose my COOL !


KINDNESS ~ This is a basic attitude !  Just to be

KIND instead of being Critical and Aggressive !


GOODNESS ~ In every situation we have the choice

to show GOODNESS or EVIL ~ If the Holy Spirit rules

in our lives we will always choose GOODNESS !


FAITHFULNESS ~ For a Happy Community we need to be

Faithful to our Family ~ our Employer ~ our Community !


GENTLENESS ~ We live in a very aggressive age ~ The

Holy Spirit empowers us to be GENTLE in all circumstances

"A gentle answer ~ turns away wrath  !" Be GENTLE !


SELF CONTROL ~  Many people are "out of control" due to

drugs etc ~ This leads to aggression ~ sexual exploitation

criminal activity etc. The Holy Spirit gives us inner control !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX 


CHRISTIANS are filled with GOD's Holy Spirit !  This

empowers us to demonstrate these Nine Fruit of the

Spirit in our daily lives !  At Home ~ At Work ~ At Play

and in the Community ! This enables us to Faithful

Witnesses and to live Godly Lives in a "free for all"

Community.  This is why I seek to show a loving

attitude and encouragement to all Members on MPS.

Many Members take the same attitude which is what

makes it such an excellent Poetry Site ~ Love BRIAN   

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  • Published: April 15th, 2018 03:08
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  • Michael Edwards

    Well written and, yes, I go along with all it - ( well almost lol 🙂 ). if only we all lived by these aphorisms but sadly....!

    • orchidee

      I would live by aphor-wotsits (aphorisms) if I knew what they were! Don't I know any?! lol.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS MICHAEL ~ Yes indeed those 9 traits are ones all Gentlemen (like You & I and Goldie & Orchi etc Also many of the Ladies on MPS especially FAY !) seek to cultivate and share in our Community and on MPS. I was raised in a Christian Home and all my Blood Relations are Christians ~ So those Traits (which are shared by All Good Men & True) were ascribed to an infilling with God's Holy Spirit ! That is my Philosophy too ! As you know I am very much my own Man and earn a crust from Practising & Teaching Science but my fundamental belief is in a Creator God who is both Transcendent & Immanent ~ Eternal & Omnipresent ! Thanks for you comment ~ Yours BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Ohh a fine write Brian. I read a bit that it is 'fruit' like a bunch of grapes, and not 'fruits', not all different, as in apple, pear, banana, etc.
        But neither is it 'fruity'! Fruity, I said? - Swoon! lol.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks STEVE ~ in the Greek in Galatians 5 FRUIT is singular ! If I am teaching this Passage ~ especially to TEENS ~ I take along a Basket of Fruit and explain that its ALL or NOTHING ! When were are Born Again through faith in Christ's Atonement on the Cross we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This enables us to exercise all NINE of these traits ~ instead of the NINE Works of the FLESH (Enmity ~ Misery ~ Strife ~ Impatience etc) which are their opposites & antagonists ! So we get a Basket of mixed traits (fruits) as on the tree on my visual ! Just as each FRUIT (apple ~ pear ~ banana) is different but blended in a "fresh fruit salad" so each Trait is different but blended in the character of a Christian Gentleman ~ AMEN ~ Thanks for caring ~ BRIAN

          • orchidee

            Gentlemen? Erm, many about?! heehee. yes, I expect so. I can see this, how it's not really a bunch of grapes (grapes looking and tasting all the same, if from the same vine). Yet in another way, Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches, producing fruit, i.e. grapes.

          • orchidee

            Well, it could be like that pic - a tree with all fruits on it. Maybe they were like that in Eden?!

          • Maxine Smith

            Another great write, if only everyone could live by these traits.
            I work with ages from 4-16, previously 30+ and these traits are definitely something that should be enforced by all.
            Too many people who live by their own rules of life which in turn hurts the people around them. If we all took a minute to adapt with these, the world would be a much better place.
            Love this.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks Maxine ~ Pleased you liked it ~ I knew it would appeal to your altruism ! When one works with People of any age these are exactly the traits and qualities you need in your Personality ! The same is true of the Nursing & Carers Professions ! Yours BRIAN

          • Christina8

            This is an especially good write. I wish everyone could abide by these but sadly we live in a sinful world. Thanks for sharing this wonderful passage and poem! And making MPS a better poetry site with your empathy and encouragement! Hugs in the spirit to you both--Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS CHRISTINA ~ I knew you would appreciate it ! These are exactly the Traits you need as a Nurse and a Mother. I am sure that without the Power of the Spirit we could never live 24/7 with these positive Traits ~ for me it makes life much sweeter and free from drugs ~ pornography ~ avarice etc and I guess it's the same for you. We are both empathetic and encouragers and Spiritual Soul-mates ~ I'm doing a Fusion on MUSIC tomorrow ~ please look out for it ! Spiritual Hugs ~ Tus Hermanos Angela y Brian @@@@@@@

            • Goldfinch60

              Very good and meaningful write Brian, love should rule the earth.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                YES INDEED ~ God is Love and God's Love is the Answer to our every need. All the other 8 Fruits of the Spirit are initiated and motivated by LOVE ~ AMEN ! Your Friend ~ BRIAN

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  YES INDEED ~ God is Love and God's Love is the Answer to our every need. All the other 8 Fruits of the Spirit are initiated and motivated by LOVE ~ AMEN ! Your Friend ~ BRIAN

                • FineB

                  Thank you Friend.

                  A beautiful and spiritually uplifting poem.

                  The Holy Spirit anoints us with his love if we let his love shine inside us.

                  Keep writing

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