Notice of absence from Laura
I’ll be absent for a while due to some health issues. Thank you.

Canvas blank

Painters prank

Japery justified



Children growing 

Parents worrying 

Neighbours nervous 


  • ron parrish aka wordman

    sometimes it`s hard to come by with all the distractions in life

    • Laura

      Yes, life can have many distractions! Thank you for your comment and read!


      • ron parrish aka wordman

        my pleasure laura

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        CAIO LAURA ~ CARA AMICA MIA ~ WOW two great EDELECTS ~ perfection in both structure & subjects. Punny Painters & Krazy Kids ! NICE ONE ! Baci e Abbracci ~ BRIAN Tuo Amico tutti ! XOX Per favore visite mi Poeme ~ Grazie B !

        • Laura

          Grazie Mille Mio Caro Amico!
          Thank you for your comments and compliment! Glad you liked the two EDELECTS! Thanks to Michael’s input, I was able to write two of them! I asked for his opinion, and he was very gracious and generous to give it to me!
          È Un gran Maestro di arte e di poesie!
          Un Abbraccio e Baci...

        • Accidental Poet

          yes, but even a blank page can be a work of art to a poet or artist. But a beautiful write you have here Laura.

          • Laura

            You’re absolutely correct, AP!
            The joke is on the one who does not see the blank canvas as a work of art! Thank you for the read, comments, and the save! Very much appreciated!

            • Accidental Poet

              You're welcome Laura. Only an artist or poet looks deeper to see or hear what others dismiss as nothing there.

            • Michael Edwards

              You cracked it Laura - it's made my day to see these in the gallery - they are not always as easy as they look but being short they don't take the same sustained effort as longer works and they're great fun to write - keep writing.

              • Laura

                Thank you for your inspiration, Michael! And you’re right. They’re not that easy to write!

              • Goldfinch60

                Very good Laura, you have got them down to a tee .

                • Laura

                  Thank you, Andy! I sincerely appreciate your read and comment!

                • orchidee

                  Fine ede-wotsits Laura. Oh, I can't say these long words, or new-fangled words. I can just about say 'fangled'! heehee.

                  • Laura

                    Thank you for reading my ede-wotsits! Hope you had fun!


                  • Lorna

                    Ahhhh Laura - lots of fun! I have to tell you I did see a painting (long time ago) at the Guggenheim Museum (NYC) called "White on White" - really - just white paint on a white canvas - just imagine the pr job they put out for someone to actually pay for that!!! What a joke. Your inspiration is MUCH better......

                    • Laura

                      Thank you, Lorna!
                      How much do you think my INSPIRATION would go for! 😆


                      • Lorna

                        Pots of gold...............

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                      • lasergraph

                        The blank canvas is the scariest of all.

                      • FineB

                        Hello Laura

                        An inspirational poem on the interesting subject of Inspiration.

                        We can get inspired anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

                        Great write.

                        Keep writing FineB

                      • Neville

                        if you dont object,
                        I elect to say
                        I suspect you may
                        have achieved your
                        objective....... Neville

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