A POET IS .............. ?



A POET IS ........... ?


A  TREE watered by experience ~ Fruit is Poetry

A  SOWER who sows Seeds of Truth 

A  ROSE that opens up Words of Beauty 

A  DOVE spreading Parables of Peace 

An  ANGEL sharing the Word of GOD  

A  CLOWN juggling Oodles of Happiness

A  LAMP shedding light in Dark Places 

A  POOR MAN lest He be polluted by Riches

A  STAR whose lyrics Point the Way Ahead

A  SHEPHERD who leads us by Still Waters


POETS & POETRY are God's gift to Planet Earth !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ love BRIAN XOX     


  • orchidee

    Oohh I never knew us poets - and yourself - were so many things as this! A fine write Brian.


      Thanks STEVE ~ We are all that and MORE ! I've added RUDYARD KIPLING'S poem IF ! Very inspirational please revisit ~ Yours BRIAN "A poet for all Reasons !"

    • Goldfinch60

      Yes very true true Brian.

      My favourite Kipling poem though is "When Earth's Last Picture id Painted"

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS ANDY ~ Love KIPLING will check poem on YOU TUBE ! I was fortunate to attend a School where Poetry was valued and where were encouraged English Literature ! On balance I see POETRY as a great Blessing WORLDWIDE ! Yours BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        Must admit I'm often called a clown - but great work and spot on.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS MIKE ~ Humour is a very important element in Poetry ~ Spike Milligan (Irish) is my fave Humorist ! Pleased you enjoyed the Appellations in my Ode ! Yours BRIAN

        • Maxine Smith

          An awesome write, poetry unravels many depths of life.
          You can be who ever you want to be, write about what ever you like, uncover your true emotions, be happy or sad.
          Poetry is the art of life’s beauty.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks MAX ~ Poets and Poetry have many faces and in the 21st C no subject is taboo. Poetry and Rap serve many purposes and protests and Poems (and Songs) can educate ~ inform & warn. We get such poems on MPS. We have to find & maintain our own style & subjects ~ OK ~ Yours as always ~ Your Friend Brian !

          • Christina8

            Very good Brian! I like the last one, Psalm 23, a sheherd that leads us by still waters, my fave! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us! Sister Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              GRACIAS MIA HERMANA CHRISTINA ~ A Poet has many faces and are more influential than most people know ! All Hymn Writers are Poets and are inspired by GOD himself. Your and I also get flashes of Divine Poetic inspiration ~ AMEN Tu Hermano en El Spirito Santo ~ BRIAN

            • FineB

              Excellent poem Brian.

              Your poem has made me view poets in a different light.

              Keep writing

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks FB pleased it widened your perspective ! Poetry is infinite so our quest never ends ~ Yours BRIAN !

              • AllTheRandomThings

                Jeremiah 17:7 - 8
                Keep those roots nurtured, and those words pure. Stay.Blessed.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  He will be like a Tree
                  Planted by the water
                  That sends out its roots
                  by the stream ! It does not
                  fear when heat comes ~ Its
                  leaves are always green ! It
                  has no worries in a Year of
                  drought ~ and never fails
                  to bear FRUIT ~ AMEN !

                  Thanks Friend for your encouraging comment ! We need to keep our minds fixed on GOD ~ Yours BRIAN

                • Theta the scholar

                  That is a lot of things yet i see no dork in that list but that's fine i am contempt. Very nice and inspiring

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    THANKS THETA ! I only had room for 10 so there are many things I could have included and DORK is one of them INSANE is another ! Pleased it inspired you ~ That was the main objective ! Yours BRIAN

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