Our love is legendary

What more can I say?

I love him so much more

than I did yesterday


Our love is legendary

We've been together for years

Life has provided joyous times

Along with some sad tears


Our love is legendary

Because loving him is easy

It doesn't take any effort

But I think the opposite of me


Our love will be legendary

One that will stand through any storm

Stories will be passed on to our grandchildren

No longer the societal norm




    A LEGEND IN YOUR OWN TIME ~ LOVEWISE ~ CHRISTINA ! That is a high claim ~ but having followed your love Poetry I know it to be true because you write from your heart. Never unnecessarily only when the Muse of your poetic Spirit moves ! So we all know if you DON'T post you are meditating and when you do it is fragrant ! YES your LOVE for your Loving Husband is mutual and LEGENDARY ! I love the last STANZA "Our love will be legendary !" Withstanding storms ~ witnessed by GRANDCHILDREN ~ not conforming to SOCIETAL NORMS ! Its past 8 O'clock here and having read your delightful Poem ~ I can go to bed HAPPY ~ Yours Loving Brother ~ BRIAN

    • Christina8

      Thank you so much for your wonderful and upbeat outlook on this poem. I know you have commented on all my love poems over the last year and a half, so you do speak with clarity! So happy that you are happy! Thanks again! Hugs to you and Angela!

    • Theta the scholar

      Guess you can say this poem is legendary, no but all jokes aside a very nice poem

      • Christina8

        Thank you so much Theta, very much appreciated!

      • AllTheRandomThings

        Wonderful job my dear, I can feel the passion and captivation of the bond you share. Love always overcomes, and I hope that love you experience lasts forever.

        • Christina8

          Thanks so much, I really appreciate your warm thoughts!

        • Michael Edwards

          Ditto Brian - keep that love going - my own wonderful wife is currently playing international scrabble with friends in the US - off to see if she needs a hand - cheating maybe but two heads are better than one - don't tell anyone :)

          • Christina8

            :-) LOL Thanks for the very cute response! I know I have a while to go before I've been married as long as you, but trust me, we'll get there! All in due time.

            • Michael Edwards

              Oh I know you will - off to bed now to refresh the brain (and other bits of me - in fact all of them).

            • Accidental Poet

              Nothing better than love that stands the test of time. And I'm sure your other half would say the same for you if you asked him. Beautiful write Christina.

              • Christina8

                Thanks so much AP for the compliment! I really appreciate it! And thanks for the favorite save!

              • Maxine Smith

                A legendary write from a legendary writer. Just lovely, as ALWAYS.

                • Christina8

                  Thanks so much Maxine, it means so much to hear you say that!

                • Goldfinch60

                  Wonderful love filled write Christina.

                  • Christina8

                    Thanks so much, it is appreciated!

                  • Laura

                    A beautiful poem that belongs in your anthology of love poems! Could feel the love in every line! I enjoyed the read very much! God Bless!


                    • Christina8

                      Thanks Laura! I appreciate the compliments and the favorite save!

                    • orchidee

                      Yes, a fine legendary poem C!

                      • Christina8

                        Well, thank you very much, Orchidee! It is appreciated!

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