Michael Edwards






Across the sand hills to the beach

where sorrows shadows linger long

and rage of surf and leaping waves

erase loves footsteps in the sand.


A place of lonely lingering hours

where empty silence strikes at souls

save for the oceans symphony

and empty hearts are buried deep

in company with bleached white shells.





  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful emotion laden write Michael. I have seen that beach.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - must admit I was quite pleased with this one - I did try another verse but it seemed to lose its punch so two it is.

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic Michael. Yes, I know why the beach was empty. They were all holidaying at the airport, as we said yesterday! It was so good they didn't want to get on the plane after all.

      • Michael Edwards

        Oh they did have a jolly time - they took the 'I Spy Book Of Travel Wear' and guess what - they spotted someone wearing short trousers and (yes it's true) socks - and Mrs Berle had a beefburger.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MIKE love Daffs ! More like PEACH (or should that be BEACH ?) TRUMPET. Daffs are so sassy great herald of of SPRING ! Should bloom on 1st MARCH (St David's Day). Loved the Poem (in same genre as Fay's !) I'm only 10 miles from a beach and I'm always collecting Shells & Pebbles ! Very Nostalgic ! Please visit my poemm today ~ You will love the CHOIR ~ Yours BRIAN !

        • Michael Edwards

          Yes it is a bit like Fay's writings although not consciously so - but I do like to wring the changes.

        • Daveyboyz

          Nicely done. some nice alliterations.

        • Laura

          That is a beautiful display of daffodils! They are forever immortalized in your pic!
          Great job not only with the immortalization of the daffodils, but also with your poem!


          • Michael Edwards

            Ah bless Laura - so pleased you like them.

          • Nicholas Browning

            Cutting it short if need be is never a bad idea sir, as this is clearly proof. Solid buildup and a striking conclusion. Wonderful.

            • Michael Edwards

              Packs more of a punch - hate the term 'more is less' but I guess it sums it up. Thanks Nicholas

            • onepauly

              on a beautiful beach I am never lonely.
              though your poem is quite inspiring.

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks for your kind words onepauly

              • Lorna

                It sounds like a beach in the fall Michael.... such a sad place. This is one of your best I think! And "peachy" flowers!

                • Michael Edwards

                  That's really kind of you - thanks so much Lorna.

                • kitcat

                  So beautiful I closed my eyes and I felt I was there, Heaven

                  • Michael Edwards

                    That's a lovely comment - thank you so much kitcat.

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