Michael Edwards








Preserve the culture

Wisdom welcomes tradition

Embrace heritage.


The conquest of time

Pyramids and palaces

The cultures live on


Set in manuscripts

With immediate access

Descendants rejoice.






  • Goldfinch60

    Good senryus Michael, it is a shame that some of our heritage and culture gets destroyed by war.

    • Michael Edwards

      So right Andy - and by neglect and indifference.

    • orchidee

      A fine write Michael. I'm bit traditional (fuddy-duddy?!). Some churches, for example, hardly know what a traditional 'hymn' is. For them, it's the same 'chorus' or two, sung about 20 times! doh!

    • orchidee

      Just call me Fuddy - or Duddy!

      • Michael Edwards

        Or Diddy?
        Diddy wot you may ask !

        • orchidee

          Diddy (dunno his surname) meet Bill Stickers or Bill Posters? They still want to prosecute him!

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        • Nicholas Browning

          This is exquisite. Well done, and bravo.

        • Lorna

          Everything evolves but without the past as an anchor things get sad..... I don't understand "revisionist" history that tries to erase what happened..... it's like "1984".......... understanding it seems better than erasing it........... we have "statute destroying" going on in our South...... by those standards we should knock down the pyramids because they subjugated the people.......... ooops too heavy a comment.

          • Michael Edwards

            Or Buckingham Palace because it housed an unelected unrepresentative subjugating and costly monarchy - said he with tongue in cheek !!
            On a serious note we really should do all we can to preserve our past - it is disappearing faster by the day .

          • onepauly

            our ancestors will be pleased.

            • Michael Edwards

              And we will all be joining them in due course :) thanks onepauly

            • Accidental Poet

              There has to be a reason
              Some meaning in the past
              Consequences of good or bad
              The ripple effect to our future will last
              So in the rear view mirror
              The past falls away
              I know yesterday is gone
              But it gave us today

              Excellent Michael.

              • Michael Edwards

                And your super poem above has in turn, inspired me to write a short piece - thanks for your comment AP.

                • Accidental Poet

                  Thanks Michael. And now I can't wait to see what I have inspired.

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                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks MIKE ~ Spring has surely Sprung ~ The whole of ESSEX is suddenly Blooming ! Your SENRYU (love them and their Sister HAIKU) seems to me to be in praise of the BRITISH MONARCHY which is now guaranteed to last another 100+ Years due to Charles ~ William ~ George (Great kings of the Past & Future) DV ! With a little help from the Harry & Meghan Show which popularises Global Affection for The British Monarchy in all its Pomp & Circumstance ! Please check my Ode to HMQ ! I am a Northern Socialist Monarchist at heart ~ hope that's not an OXYMORON ! Yours as ever BRIAN "House of Lancaster"

                  • Michael Edwards

                    You're never oxymoronic Brian - never intended it to be in praise of the monarchy (which actually bores the pants off me) but I can see how it could be interpreted thus. Yes I also love senryu and haiku - they can pack such a punch.

                  • orchidee

                    I know oxo cubes- any relation to oxy-wotsit?!

                  • Daveyboyz

                    Great poem and sentiment, what takes generations to cultivate can be torn down in moments if we aren't mindful of it.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      We've post so much already - let's hope! Thanks Davey.

                    • Laura

                      Some fine senrys and beautiful flowers!

                      History should never be erased. It should be understood. We’ve all endured hardships! That’s what makes us strong!

                      We can knock down all the statues we want! The past will not be erased! It is up to all of us to to be civil, humane and understanding to make it better! I never thought we’d be where we are...BACKWARDS!


                      • Michael Edwards

                        So right Laura but there are some sad people out there. Thanks for looking in - always such a pleasure to receive your comments.

                      • Laura

                        You’re welcome, Michael! I enjoy reading your poetry and seeing your artwork! You are a talented man!

                        As far as the sad people out there, you’re right! I split my residency between Italy and the U.S.A! Neither place is what it use to be! Too many politicians who fill their pockets with our money!

                        • Michael Edwards

                          Thanks Laura but you might think again when you read tomorrow's posting.

                          • Laura

                            I’m looking forward to it!

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