HOT AIR BALLOONS ~ An Acrostic 3 3 8 Sonnet




HIGH IN THE SKY ~ They fly

ONLY Hot Air ~ No need to ask why ?

THEY were the First Men to Fly !


AIR ?  Cheap available ~ everywhere

I just light my Burner with care

FILL my Balloon and I'm up in the Air


BALLOONS are all shapes and sizes

AT a Rally your shape can win prizes

LOOK up in the air ~ all Life is there


ONLY GOD knows what will be next

ORANGUTAN ~ Octopus ~ Tyrannus Rex

NOTHING'S forbidden ~ unless it's obscene

SAW on that looked like Her Majesty Queen !


Thanks for flying ~ comments welcome ~ BRIAN XOX


Flying up and down the Grand Canyon (USA) is 

fun ~ BUT in the basket of a HOT AIR BALLOON

you are as free as a Bird with a wonderful Bird's

Eye View ~ Astronauts have said its cooler than

Space Travel.  If you've never has a trip in a Hot

Air Balloon ~ then book one tdomorrow it's only

about £50 ($65) and well worth every cent ! 


I hope the video gives you some idea of what it's

like to be UP UP & AWAY in a Magical Balloon !




  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 1st, 2018 02:02
  • Category: Special occasion
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  • orchidee

    A fine write Brian. Some spout hot air without even leaving the ground! Would it be enough to power a balloon? heehee.


      PROBABLY STEVE ~ especially politicians ~ don't forget to vote ~ Local Elections are more important than General Elections ! I love HAB's and I have had several trips ~ It's the nearest I get to being being a BIRD ~ except when I'm in drag for the PANTOMIME ! Thanks for your comments ~ YOURS BRIAN

    • Lorna

      Such faith hanging onto the little basket in the sky! I'll jump a horse but this? Don't know...........

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks LORNA ~ it does look hairy ~ hope it didn't put anyone off ! All HAB trips I've been on in the UK & Abroad we have been strapped in cos if you fall out ~ you're in another dimension all together ! Nice analogy ~ it takes the same amount of Courage (and Adrenalin) to Jump Horse as it does to Ride HAB ~ BUT ~ once you've done either you cant wait for the next time ! Yours telepathically BRIAN !

      • Goldfinch60

        I have never been up in a balloon but we used to have a balloon festival each year and I have been up at dawn to take pictures of them getting top ready for their flights, great sigh5 to see.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          YES INDEED ANDY ~ Very PHOTOGENIC ~ My fist picture gives an impression of how they look en mass. The BALLOONISTS are very dedicated and love people to take an interest ~ even if they don't want to fly ! They are a bit like Vintage Car Buffs ! Thanks for your comment B.

        • Christina8

          A great write....but I will not get into a flying basket! Sorry, Brian!! The picture gives me goosebumps! Again, great acrostic! Sister Christina

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS CHRIS ~ for an honest comment ! The basket is flimsy compared with a BOEING 707 ! Men are more keen on extreme sports because we are expendable because we cannot conceive ! I was high board diver (10 meters = 30+ feet) so BUNGEE JUMPING was no problem for me especially because I was attached to a big rubber band ! Some of my Friends won't even fly or go on Ocean going Liners even though both forms of transport are safer than a car on a highway in the UK ! American Roads are much safer ! Well you can always have a Balloon or helicopter ride or go to the Moon ~ IN THE IMAX ~ and save your dollars ! Have a nice day it's almost 9pm here ~ 3pm with you I guess ! We have shot up to between 60 & 70 F and less rain ! Monday (MAY DAY) is a Holiday for everyone and for us it's going to be Sunny & Dry ~ AMEN ~ Nice to talk ~ Brother Brian & Sister Angela ~ HUGS @@@@@@@

          • Azura Nightsong

            I went to a hot air balloon festival and it was magical watching the balloons fly into the air as the sun set. Lovely poem!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS AZURA ~ Pleased you experienced they are great fun even if you don\\\'t get a \\\"Ticket to Ride\\\" ! The first time you see them close up the are so huge ~ colourful and such awesome shapes ! Against the setting SUN they are MAGIC ! Yours BRIAN The first MANNED BALLOON flight was in November 1793 in France. The modern HOT AIR BALLOONS date from the 1950\'s and their use for recreation is worldwide ! Airships filled with Hydrogen (or Helium) were used in WW1 (1914 - 18) and some are used commercially today. My latest FUSION ~ Love & Romance ~ Thanks for your comment B !

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