At One With Nature.

We walked the green hills,

My lover and I.

The meadows flowing around us

As the path we took

Took us through their beauty,

And their wonder.

At the top of a hillock

We stopped and looked,

Looked at our idea of heaven,

Our arms clasped each other in love,

Feeling so alive,

Our love so strong,

And at one with nature.

The lonely cry of the curlew

Called out as it flew above us,

A sound so sad but it passed

As our happiness abounded,

Abounded about us,

Abounded within us.

We walked on in joy,

We walked on in harmony,

We walked on in love.

A love so strong

That nothing will break its bond,

A bond that makes us one with each other,

And in the green hills,

At one with nature.


  • orchidee

    A lovely write Gold. I can't say it was the same for me in Clacton! lol.

    • Goldfinch60

      Thanks Orchi. I have never ventured to Clacton, they wouldn't accept my passport!

      • orchidee

        They say Margate has replaced Bognor as the ghastliest South Coast venue. Apologies to any poets living there!

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      • Michael Edwards

        A beautiful write - the joy of love.

        • Goldfinch60

          Thank you Michael - yes so joyful.

        • Lorna

          Love in the hills....... couldn't be better!

          • Goldfinch60

            Very true, it was always wonderful.

          • onepauly

            you did it again!
            a masterpiece!

            • Goldfinch60

              Thank you onepauly, so kind.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks ANDY for a double blessing 47 minutes of JSB solo piano and an excellent Free Verse (27 lines !) Love Poem ~ A walk in the Dales ! I now prefer The Yorkshire & Derbyshire Dales to the Lakes & Snowdonia ~ especially when I am with ANGELA !
              Loved the Poem ideal reading for a Sunny Thursday afternoon when all my teaching is done ~ it's 4pm here I love the ending ! As our Happiness abounded ~ about us ~ within us ~ We walked in Joy ~ Harmony ~ Love ~ AMEN

              Nothing can ever take these memories from You and Your Lover and you will both carry them with you to Eternity ! Thanks for caring & sharing BRIAN

              • Goldfinch60

                Thank you Brian, the Dales are a magical place to us and will always be in our memory.

                I also have the Goldberg Variations played be Catrin Finch on harp, they are well worth listening to.

              • orchidee

                You walking with that nature? Did you 'get your coat', and 'get out more'?!

                • Goldfinch60

                  Back in the day Orchi, back in the day.

                • FineB

                  Thank you Goldfinch.

                  Nature and its beauty can be so intoxicating at times.

                  Yorkshire Dales - I have never been there.

                  I love the Lake District and the North East - Hadrian's Wall country!

                  Keep writing

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Thank you FineB. It is well worth going to the Yorkshire Dales. One time my wife and I walked for four hours on the Dales and the only person we saw was an RAF pilot in his 'plane flying through them and he waved as he looked UP to us.

                  • Laura🌻

                    A beautiful write and musical piece! I just finished listening to it! I enjoyed it very much!
                    I totally agree with Brian...
                    “Nothing can ever take these memories from You and Your Lover...”


                    • Goldfinch60

                      Thank you Laura, yes those memories are special - as is that piece of music.

                    • Maxine Smith

                      A gorgeous write. Nature has the wonderful power to ease your soul, to be at peace. Love this.

                      • Goldfinch60

                        So kind Maxine, thank you very much.

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