I COULD HAVE GONE ............? A Modern Poem !



I COULD HAVE GONE ..... I was invited

but I had nobody to go with

To Go or not To Go ~ that was the QUESTION ? 

we talked endlessly about Wind Turbans

elegant or ugly ..... curse or blessing

what about the fish ? nobody ever considers 

their feelings ~ and im a pescatarian !

and so are all my CATZ ~ they all love FIIIIIIIISH !

Im also allergic to Saxaphones ~ a silly instrument

neither flute nor fluglehorn ~ I hate all instruments

which prevent me singing ~ I hate oysters 

for the same reason ~ and my labeeeeeeedo is high enough !

I enjoyed the filum ~ paradox of humour & horror

some walked out at half-time ~ raining so some walked in ?

Max Umbrella is a lightning conductor ~ and always was

sorry to miss croquet & buffet ~ *say la vee !*

Could I have gone ?  invited ? I was !

but who to go with ?  that is the QUESTION !


Thanks for enjoying ~ welcome comments ~ BRIAN the BRAIN 


If a Modern Poem has lines (some don't) there is always an 

odd number ~ preferably prime 11  13  19  23  29 etcetera

this will prevent the Muse Police from dividing them into

a neat presentation of even stanzas or rhyming couplets.

A modern poetry should have neither rhyme or reason and

the above almost qualifies ! The BEAUTY of Modern Poetry

is indeed its BEAUTY !  Why not write one yourself ? !              



  • orchidee

    You mean the Royal Wedding? You could have gone, but you turned down the invite? I'm going! lol.


      Shhhhhhhhhhhhh ~ We are not supposed to broadcast our invitation ! ANGELA is related to HARRY ~ but she will be in AUCKLAND (NZ) on the day ~ so I promised I would not go without her ! I'll be watching it in the House of Commons TV Room with my friend Jeremy ~ a chip butty and a Pint of Golden Hen ! Will look out for you in the CROWD ! Your BRIAN

    • Goldfinch60

      You are right it certainly does not have rhyme or reason but is great fun to read.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        My ENGLISH LITERATURE Tutor was a Modern Poet and she taught us that our Poems should have MYSTIQUE ~ their subject should not be immediately obvious ! Because I am a Scientist by profession ~ most of my poems are CONCRETE and lack MYSTIQUE. Pleased you enjoyed my Modern Poem ~ I don't understand it either ~ a shared enigma !

        The time has come ~ the Walrus said
        To talk of many things ~ of Ships and
        Shoes & Sealing Wax of Cabbages & Kings
        And why the Sea is boiling hot ~ and
        Whether pigs have wings ~ or NOT

        Modern / Nonsense Poetry always FUN
        Thanks for you comment ~ BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        A fun read Brian - must look into the form.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Ahhhhhhhhhh MISTER MIKE ~ as Jango Rheihardt would say ~ Zer is no score (form) it is all in ze \'ed ! To many that IS THE BEAUTY of Modern Poetry ~ no structure ~ no rules ~ no grammar ~ no rhyme ~ no reason ~ AMEN ! You will find plenty of other examples on MPS ! OUTLOOK was a great protagonist ! Thanks for the comment ~ Yours BRIAN

        • Theta the scholar

          Very nice poem brains as always It seemed somewhat whimsical, Keep up the good work

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS THETA ~ It is of course intentionally "whimsical" to make a point about Modern Poetry. I found it much more difficult to write than my "normal" Poems which are replete with both Rhyme & reason ! Yours BRIAN

          • Christina8

            A fun read-you listed it under "fable" but now I guess your secret is out. You got an invite? Lucky you! An interesting read. Sister Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS SISTER ~ I listed it under FABLE because there is not a FABULOUS catagory ! Pleased you liked it ~ it was more difficult to write than a "normal" Poem because it is so enigmatic and non-sensible ! There are many levels of invitation to a ROYAL WEDDING but I will watch it on TV and Angela will also watch it on TV on the other side of the World at midnight ~ I don't like time zones it makes conversation between the UK and the USA & New Zealand etc more difficult as you know ! Thanks for your comment ~ HUGS ~ Hermanos Angela y Brian @@@@@@@ (7 perfect cuddles !)

            • Maxine Smith

              I agree with Gold. This is so much fun to read Brian. Well done. Left me with a smile 😀

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS MAXINE ~ In my book a lot of MODERN POEMS are very enigmatic and don't make much sense and leave you "up in the air" Yours Enigmatically ~ BRIAN Pleased it made you smile B !

              • Arianna Smith

                This is a great read! You make great poems!! Can’t wait to see more from you!!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  HI ADRIANNA ~ Love your CAT ~ I like TABBIES ! I'm a Scientist so my poems are generally very OBJECTIVE ~ I find it difficult to write MODERN POETRY without rhyme or reason ! Thanks for adding me as an MPS FRIEND ~ Yours BRIAN

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