IS IT THE BEST OF TIMES .... ? A 4 4 4 2 Sonnet





Most of the World is at Peace

Ladies have more opportunities than ever before

More people have access to Education & Health Care



Globally Nuclear Weapons are not contained

There is increasing Global Poverty & Malnutrition &

Pollution and Populations continue to rise !


It was a WINTER of despair ~ But

It is a SPRING of Hope ~ And

It can be a SUMMER of Light ~ Or

It could be an AUTUMN of Darkness ?


In essence we have EVERYTHING before us ~ But

Perhaps we have left NOTHING of VALUE behind us ?


Thanks for reading ~ comments welcome ~ love BRIAN XOX


Please don't infer from the Poem that I have

become a PESSIMIST ~ but I am a REALISTIC

OPTIMIST !  We live in a very Restless World 

Economically ~ Politically & Environmentally !

I am responsible (with others !) to keep my

Country (ENGLAND UK) stable and pollution

free etc ~ You have a responsibility for YOURS !    



  • Goldfinch60

    If only those who have the power would listen to those who know all would be well but those in power are only there to look after the own interests. ME CYNICAL - OF COURSE I AM WHERE POLITICIANS ARE CONCERNED!!


      As YOU know ANDY we have a Mantra ~ "You in your small corner and I in mine !" WE are responsible for our own Family & Community ~ that is SENSE not SELFISHNESS ~ BUT ~ we are also responsible for the UK and the WHOLE WORLD ! I have visited Developing Countries where the average income is only 10% of mine ~ they were Happy but there were increasing problems in relation to Nutrition ~ Education ~ Health Care and shortages of clean water and electricity etc. I do support the Developing World and I teach Environmental Monitoring & Protection etc. I hope to live another 50 years (85 !) but the Global Projections for 2058 are not encouraging ~ It could be THE WORST of TIMES ! Yours BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      One of your best Brian - a great piece - As Dickens wrote: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks for your encouragement MIKE ! That is the opening to "A Tale of two Cities ~ London & Paris" written before the French Revolution ! His opening words now apply to the whole Planet ! As I have told ANDY I hope to still be around in 2058 (85 !) but the environmental forecasts are not promising and I don't think I'll be on MARS ! Yours BRIAN

      • orchidee

        The good old days? The bad old days? Good days for the future? Bad days for the future?
        It's the wheat and weeds. The 'weeds' seem to still exist, in case any of the 'wheat' is pulled up along with them, before their time - at the Rapture. When you'll hear my rapturous (oh yes) singing for ever - arrghhh! lol.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks ANDY for an enigmatic answer ~ love it ! En passant you mention the RAPTURE ! That is most important in relation to the "END TIMES" If we are really honest (and I am an Environmental Scientist ~ trust me !) the prognosis for 2050 is not good and for 2100 even worse (I'll be 117 !) ! God created Planet Earth (in the Goldilocks Zone !) and the Human Race and I believe GOD will intervene before the Earth becomes uninhabitable for the Human Race with the Rapture ~ The Second Coming of Christ and the Millennial Reign ! Perhaps a subject to big and too "spiritual" for MPS My advice STEVE would be "Enjoy yourself ~ its later than you think" ~ Thanks BRIAN !

          • orchidee

            Ohhh you'll live to 117, I'm sure! Erm, Steven here. Dunno what Andy's singing is like! It's a truth for us though. I was stunned at first when a visitor at church said 'See you next in the Rapture, if not before!'

          • orchidee

            E.T. might come back. Has he gone home? Where's he gone?!

            • orchidee

              You said that 3 times. I said, You said that........!

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Hi STEVE ~ I will only say this once ! He's gone to the Wine Store to get some ESPANOLA TEQUILA (ET) ~ He will be back ! Yours BRIAN !

              • Maxine Smith

                Fantastic thought provoking read Brian. There is progressiveness yet we still have much to improve. In the summer, beautiful days I am always full of more positive energy than the dark winter days.
                Live now, appreciate everything as we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                HI MAX ~ Trust you're having a fantastic MAY Bank Holiday in Sunny Manchester ! Thanks for your advice ~ Live for TODAY and let TOMORROW worry for itself ! Please check my latest FUSION ~ WINE ! Hugs BRIAN & ANGELA @@@

              • Arianna Smith

                I really loved this read! I’d say it is one of your best. You have great description skills that’s for sure!!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks ARIANNA ~ I am pleased you sensed some quality in this offering. It was suggested by a great quote from CHARLES DICKENS ~ my fave author. Thanks for your comment ~ Yours BRIAN A good Poem is all about WORDS and the use of WORDS set into classical structures ~ like SONNETS ~ OK

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