WINE which maketh
Glad the Heart of Man
Open the arms of WOMAN
Is perfect for a Summer pic-nic or BBQ
Thanks ~ Please add your favourite WINE

I too am a fan of Rose
A taste sweet to the lips
I love to sip in the summer
Savour every last bit

Wine so strong for my little weak and light weight soul for I can tolerate the strong whiskey and liquor that gives me the wings of a bird so strong!! Crown Royal Apple, Wild Turkey an much more. Watermelon, Grape, Pomegranate, Strawberry Margaritas by Bud Light is so refreshing but I have to say strawberry wine is divine!!!

I like wine
When I dine
But mostly it's your company
What you've got
I like a lot
Maybe soon you'll come to me

such a strange handle
they've given white Zinfandel
for its a Rose you see
to delight you and me
not a subtle caress
to censure your breath
but a full bodied clout
git dancin' and shout!

Yes wine,
Wine is fine
My favorite kind is
Red wine
I could drink it all the time
I’m first in line
To get a taste of wine.

oh that fresh uncorked aroma
of my favourites personna
peppered fruit and hint,
a tease of vanilla
over red meat repast,
todays dinner
praise Cabernet Sauvignon
to enjoy ever on
full bodied and rich
you're truly the one
dusk arising

Red grapes create this wonder,
Infused with the Spanish sun.
Out from the bottle it flows,
Joy pours into a glass,
A pure pleasure for my delight.

Red wine when I dine
Rose when the sun will shine
Everlong lasting when on my own
With good company, the drinks continue to flow

Italy (20) France (17) Spain (15)
USA (11) Australia (7) Argentina (6)
China (5) South Africa (5) Chile (5)
Germany (4) Rest of the World (5)
USA (18) France (14) Italy (12)
Germany (10) China (9) UK (7)
Spain (5) Argentina (5) Russia (5)
Australia (4) Rest of the World (11)
Thanks for tasting ~ Please add your POEM

to write this ditty
took a whole lotta thinking
and screw-cap or cork
several hours drinking
but the flavour thats best
and makes my soul weep
is the one i just tasted
before i drift off to sleep
dusk a.

Well, being tea-total,
I am not totally into this,
But I will give you a verse,
For that is your wish.

Dionysius, gave us wine
Wasn't that just Devine
So thank that god of leaf and vine
And have a glass each time you dine!
I like red,
but not in bed
I dislike white,
It's too.... polite!
that's just a compromise
And I don't,
because I'm wise.

How bout a trade of some blooming sunshine
For a glass of sweet rosed red clear wine .. So i
Wrap myself on sweet tender vines so i can ptetend to walk blind right after we all dine .

Oh, but how it must sit and age in the dark heavy barrels within the cellar
But, the wait is worthwhile for the taste is complementary to a night of one's passions and all that is stellar
The heavy red is for the celebratory and arduous moments of one's life filled with whomever he or she loves
The pellucid white is for the moments of clarity one has, where the future fits within a human like a pair of new leather gloves


  • đźš‚Poetrydelivery

    This is fun guys thank you for the invite

  • BronyVinyl

    I don't drink so I can't really add anything sorry

  • Jhe

    thanks for the invite
    to share wine-ish thoughts
    but alas, names of wines
    i'm afraid i know nought...

    the reason for this,
    i hope you'll agree,
    is a good one ~ one whiff
    and i'm thoroughly tipsy!

  • đźš‚Poetrydelivery

    Wanted to add that this was actually the first time I did wine and didn't taste it or didn't get drunk but I could tell you that it was red rose wine that's all I know thank you

  • darren_luaf

    how do i add or is it closed

  • jenny.g

    A friend of mine made elderflower wine brewed by her own fair hands.
    She’s a white witch (with the odd glitch) who likes to live off the land.
    We sipped it in her camper van, bemused by the spells she was casting.
    I’m afraid the wine had distorted my mind as the magic was not lasting.

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