SUMMER LOVIN' ~ A Seasonal Sonnet for CHRISTINA S




SUMMER ~ The Season we all bless

Tis heralded by days of balmy SPRING

If she were shorter ~ could we love her less ?

Desire of all ~ that you Sweet Summer bring !


The roses bloom in Summer's balmy heat

Wild flowers in the grass ~ profuse in bloom

When AUTUMN comes ~ the Summer is complete

And every year the Autumn comes too soon !


Summer is a Season for all ages

The Sea & Sand beloved of the YOUNG

The Cricket Field for wise straw-hatted Sages

And Ladies pic-nics ~ salads ham & tongue !



But that would NOT be BRITISH ~ NO MY DEAR ! 


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


SUMMER we all love it !  Global Warming is turning 

the UK into SAN TROPEZ ~ Topless at SOUTHEND

so why not stay at HOME for the Holidays ~ We may

have to after BREXIT ~ but I prefer HADDOCK & CHIPS


Photos of SOUTHEND which is a popular ESSEX (UK)

Holiday Resort and is only about 1 hours drive from

where I live. It's close to LONDON so please visit ~ THANKS !

You may ask why is this very ENGLISH Sonnet is dedicated

to a SASSY GAL like Christina S ?  Well she lives in one of the

most Beautiful States in the USA ~ BUT ~ The Winters are

too long and the Spring too short ~ But Summer in XXXXX

is PARADISE and Chris can't wait to get back into modelling

mode in her Teeny Weeny ~ Red &Yellow Polka dot BIKINI !

Love from England ~ Tus Hermanos  ANGELA & BRIAN XOXOX     




  • FineB

    Thank you Brian,

    Hope you have been enjoying the recent heatwave?

    A charming and lovely poem that captures the essence of the most perfect British summer!

    Keep writing


      THANKS FB ~ for your encouraging comments ~ YES really enjoyed the HEATWAVE especially over the Bank Holiday weekend ~ good timing ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Lorna

      Very joyful poem Brian..... sounds a lot like the New England summers that go too soon but we wouldn't want to stay the same all year round........

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELL YOU KNOW ME LORNA ~ Always the Optimist and always trying to spread a little JOY & PEACE ! YES New England ~ in its short Summer ~ is very like Old England # BUT in it's long FALL it is like nowhere else on EARTH ! Yours as always ~ Hugs ANGELA & BRIAN @@@@@@@

      • Goldfinch60

        Dontknocjk the straw hats of cricket watchers that might be me one day, super summer sonnet Brian.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          I always see you in a STRAW BOATER in the Summer Andy ~ The quintessential ENGLISH GENTLEMAN & POET ~ like John Betjeman ~ Yours ~ with a reversed baseball hat ~ saying VOTE HILLARY ~ BRIAN

        • Maxine Smith

          The joyful British weather brought to life with your wonderful words.
          Beautifully done as always Brian ☺️

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            YES INDEED MAX ~ Everyone in the UK is happy when the Sun Shines. Tourism is very important in ESSEX and Southend (featured in the video) had record crowds last weekend ! Pleased you enjoyed the Summer Package ~ Hugs BRIAN & ANGELA @@@

          • Michael Edwards

            Just like that as I look out of the window - sun shining, garden full of bloom, striped lines where I have cut the lawn and a gin and tonic awaits - perfect Brian.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Ahhhhhhhh MIKE ~ just like ANDY you too are a quintessential Englishman ~ Well stocked garden ~ Neatly cropped lawn and G & T before lunch ! Now we are getting more Sun (Global Warming but don't tell Tronald Dump) England is an even bester place to live on Earth ! Pleased you liked it ~ Yours BRIAN

            • orchidee

              A bit swoony in places this, Brian! lol.

            • Laura

              Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
              Una bella poesia!
              When I saw the title of this great poem, it reminded me of the song, SUMMER NIGHTS, from “Grease” with the lyrics’‘Summer lovin’ had me a blast”...
              The tune won’t leave my head any time soon!

              Love the poem, pic and clip of Nat King Cole...even if John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are humming in my head!🎶
              Abbracci e Baci per te ed Angela...

            • Christina8

              THANK YOU Brian! You have dedicated poems to me before but this one brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful the song and the summer skies! And the poem was terrific! It really made my day!! Hugs to you and Angela both!--Christina S

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS CHRIS ~ When I decided to do a SUMMER SONNET ~ I thought of YOU ! You do live in an exceptional State ~ which I have visited and Enjoyed in Summer / Autumn ~ but for reasons I won't go into Your Winters are too long & Spring too short ~ but when Summer comes ~ your STATE was made for it ! I visualised you enjoying the Sun (70+F) in your BIKINI and thinking "What A Lovely State to be in !" Pleased you loved the Poem ~ Picture & Nat king Cole and the wonderful videos in the CD ! Glad I made you cry for all the right reasons ~ Angela loved your response and sends her LOVE ! Big Hugs ~ Tus Hermanos ANGELA y BRIAN @@@@@@@ A & I are just enjoying Lemon Chicken and Saffron Rice ~ we are very relaxed about New Zealand and our future together in 2020 ! A & B @@@@@@@

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