LONG WHITE CLOUD ~ An Acrostic 4 5 5 Sonnet




OF Beauty ~ Peace and Loveliness

NEW ZEALAND ~ Paradise on Earth ~ ANGELA

GONE !  But only for ONE YEAR ~ AMEN !


WHY not NEW-CASTLE ? I could .......

Have  easily visited Her every weekend !

I WILL VISIT HER ~ I will fly to HER

TO The Beautiful "Bay of Islands" in August ~ But

EVERY DAY ~ until then ~ I will miss Her !


CAN we really exist apart ?  YES OUR

LOVE will be stronger (and we do have SKYPE !)

OUR LOVE will scan  11,500 miles each day ....... 

UNTIL We are together again ~ as ONE forever ~ NEVER

DOUBT The Infinite Power of Our TRUE LOVE ~ AMEN !


Thanks for caring ~ comments welcome ~ Angela & Brian XOX


AOTEAROA  is the Maori name for New Zealand ~ It means

LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD and that is the why I've

titled this Poem ~ LONG WHITE CLOUD  and as an Acrostic

it is also a 4 5 5 Sonnet !  The song is the Maori Farewell ~

always sung when we leave in the hope that we will return

again !  It always makes me cry and even more so now ! 

Angela has promised to e-mail me a Poem about NZ each

week which I will try to publish every Wednesday ~ starting

in JUNE so look out for them and send her some very nice

comments ! Blessings & Peace to all ANGELA & BRIAN XOX



  • orchidee

    Aww, when did the 'year' start that you are apart? A fine write Brian.


      TODAY ! Her plane flies at 11:30 via Singapore ! We are OK at the moment tomorrow will be the worst ! Pray for us ~ Love Angela & Brian ~ Just leaving for the AIRPORT !

    • Goldfinch60

      Good loving write Brian, all will be wonderful, Skype will keep you together.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks ANDY ~ I use SKYPE a lot to keep in touch with the WORLD ~ Just leaving for the Airport ~ Pray for us ~ Love ANGELA & BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        Hope she has a good flight - at least you will be in constant touch.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS MICHAEL ~ LONDON to AUCKLAND (11,500 miles) in one day is too much so I advised her to do what we do when flying to OZ or NZ to stop in SINGAPORE for two days ~ so she will arrive in NZ on Wednesday 16 May and will start work (As a Physiotherapist ~ and Ruth as a Radiographer) on Monday 21 May with no jet lag ! NZ is a very civilised & safe Country and A & H are very smart Ladies so I have no worries. Ruth's Uncle is a Hospital Administrator and he arranged the Exchange so they will be well looked after. As you know Mike ~ in this World its not WHAT you know ~ but WHO you know ~ that is important Yours ANGELA & BRIAN !

          • Michael Edwards

            It is indeed who you know but outside of family you have to work at relationships - both friends and contacts have to be earned as I found out early in my career.

          • Laura

            Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
            She’s on her way! Wishing Angela a safe trip! You’ll be very busy SKYPING! Separation is always difficult! However, True Love is stronger!
            Abbracci e Baci per te e per la tua amatissima Angela...

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              CIAO LAURA ~ La Nostra Cara Amica ~ Yes GONE but never (for one second) forgotten ! I am sad but happy for the opportunity ANGELA & RUTH are getting for a PAID years work experience in one of the most beautiful & friendly Countries in the World ! I only wish I could be with her but GOD (and RUTH) will watch over her 24/7. They are sharing an apartment together which belongs to the NZ couple who are in Ruth's flat ~ so by JUNE they will have settled in at ~ Work ~ "Home" ~ Church and Recreation ~ GOD rewards those that Love Him ! Grazie Abbracci e Baci con Amore ~ ANGELA e BRIAN XOX

            • Christina8

              Your love is immeasurable! I will be sure to comment on her Wednesday poems. Such a blessing that you get to visit her in August! Prayers-Christina

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS CHRISTINA ~ For your understanding (as always !) of the situation and with AIR TRAVEL David & I will be able to visit Ruth and Angela in August ~ which is only about 12 weeks away ~ and will pass quick ! We can fly direct by Business Class ~ which is cheaper than a stopover in Singapore ! However we may come back via Hawaii which Dave has never visited ~ I am interested to see the effect of the havoc being reaped by the Volcano ! ANGELA has promised a Poem on Auckland & then The Bay of Islands which is North of Auckland ~ OK. Angela has arrived safe in Singapore and the time is 6:20 am (SUNDAY) so she is still BED catching up on her sleep ~ it is 11:20 pm (Saturday) here (they are 7 hours ahead) if she was in Auckland it would be 10:20 am (Sunday) 11 hours ahead
                and of course it is 6:20 pm in Your State which is 5 hours behind the UK ~ I am sure I will master the TIME ZONES in time ! We only have ONE TIME ZONE in the UK GMT which makes life easier than the USA with its SIX times zones !
                Thanks for you comments ~ I have been running a quiz at the Church tonight with 3 of the Men ~ we had about 50 about punters which raised £200 for the Car Park ~ Do you like quiz nights ? Every Blessing ~ Tus Hermanos ANGELA y BRIAN Hugs @@@@@@@

                • Christina8

                  Glad to hear she is safe!

                • Maxine Smith

                  A romantic yet emotional read Brian. You two are very strong and understand that the connection is mind and soul not just the body.
                  This year will make the two of you even stronger.
                  The poem is beautiful, sending hugs your way.
                  You can do this.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks MAXINE for your encouraging and supportive comments ! ANGELA and trust each other implicitly so we have no worries about a 12 month separation ~ ABSENCE in my experience really does make the HEART grow FONDER ~ In that respect we are doubly blessed Angela has GOD & Ruth to support her 24/7 and I have GOD & Brian so all will be well ! WE CAN DO IT YES WE CAN ! Will send details of a collaboration tomorrow ~ Hugs as always ~ Your Poetic Friends BRIAN & ANGELA @@@@@@@ Angela is currently in Singapore (for two days and it\'s 10 am ! SUNDAY) Time zones make life difficult ~ for instance CHRISTINA S (USA} it is now 7pm etc !

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