Michael Edwards





Flittering fluttering

Flutter by butterfly

Borne on the breezes

By wavering wings

Sweeping and soaring

On sultry-sun days.



  • Author: Michael Edwards (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 18th, 2018 00:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: Wrote this sitting in a sun-drenched garden a couple of days ago while relaxing on a lounger with a .....gin and tonic. Another aquilegia - pink one this time but couldn't get a photo of it with a butterfly - they kept flitterin' and flutterin'.
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  • Goldfinch60

    They are beautiful to watch while I sit in the garden drinking my Rioja.

    • Michael Edwards

      Being enclosed by high walls our garden doesn't see too much bird life but we get loads of butterflies - I have already this year seen over half a dozen types from the early brimstones through the whites and browns to an orange tip which I spotted yesterday. And there are so many more to come later in the year.

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic M. Ohh and there was I, battling through heavy rain, getting sodden, but 'snail-saving', helping them on to the grass. Well, it takes them a long time to cross the path!

      • Michael Edwards

        Grr - I hate slugs and snails - I attack them with a bolas - but it doesn't work - any suggestions?

        • orchidee

          I dunno, I only rescue them, as they walk across paths on damp days! They can't get a sprint going, so I save them before the dreaded crunch of a boot coming down on them. Either that or fit them with a rocket engine! They would go 10,000mph!

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        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks for a fine SEXTET Micheal ~ full of flutter & flow ! Love the AQUILEGIA ~ Yes the butterflies are out in Mum's Garden ~ difficult to photograph with OPEN WINGS ~ BRIAN !

        • FineB

          A butterfly so symbolic of hot beautiful sunny days.

          A sweet, vivid and charming poem!

          Thank you Michael!

          Keep writing

          • Michael Edwards


          • AlexHoy

            Very good poem. I love it.

          • orchidee

            You seen flutterby's?! Only after too much to drink?!

            • Michael Edwards

              I've fleen them suttering all lay dong - yow about hou?

            • dusk arising

              Lovely to watch aren't they. I think you do catch their flitting flight well in your piece. Earlier this year i included the sound of a butterfly's beating wings in a poem, i described it as sounding like 'pulsing fluff'.
              Oddly, a lady i met recently was terrified of butterflies to the point of running away screaming. It takes all kinds i suppose.
              I think of them as one of the most beautiful of all creations and the peace they bring to our countryside when one is immersed in it is quite tangible.
              Thanks for making mme think butterfly.

              • Michael Edwards

                Love the term 'pulsing fluff' - how can anyone be terrified of them? Mind you if you put different wings on them they become just another ordinary bug.
                Really appreciate your comments - thanks dusk.

              • SLR

                I love butterflies. So delicately beautiful. God sighs and butterflies break free from their chrysalis and grace us with their beauty. Hard to believe they're just beautiful insects. The 'flittering and fluttering' does sound like butterfly wings, but I do also like dusks' 'pulsing fluff'. You guys are great!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks so much SLR - I did attempt to capture their scurrying through the air aided by quite a bit of alliteration,

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