Fay Slimm.





Oh Light, you travel so fast,
invisibly cladding
this planet in change which
nothing can hinder,
altering colourless night-hue
you, in an eye's flick
gilt sea's face, reveal distance,
and more than that
touch land in filigree-silver
melting black fingers
of mist, netting dune's grass
and more than that
your whispers to unfolding
flora in still-dark
corners make numberless
petals succumb
to your calls, sensuous fur
feels your warming
as feathery sleep blinks in
readiness to dawn's
breezy ruffles for morning
stirs wings, fins
stretch in watery beds and
more than that,
humanity worldwide yawns
at your warning
of lullaby's finish and shakes
off drowse to see
how labour for hours ahead,
is a rewarding
force with light's ready aid
and more than that
each sunset aims for an end
to your daily
performance but not before
the glittering exit
when stretch of red rays take 
central stage after
which Oh Light you then sink
slowly back into
your secret abyss - and wait,
for more than
un-thinkable would be life's
disastrous lack
if your shining entrance it's
cue ever missed
and for this earthling heads 
being low or high
bend in anticipation as awe
turns to gratitude 

and much more than that 

for such changes   

which global orbit supplies  

as lifesaving proof  

Light deserves full praise.






    And GOD said "let there be LIGHT"
    And there was LIGHT !
    And GOD called the LIGHT ~ DAY
    And the DARKNESS he called NIGHT
    And the Evening & the Morning ~ the first DAY

    Do we really appreciate the tremendous ENERGY we get from the SUN 24/7 in the form of HEAT & LIGHT and all for free ?Keeping Planet Earth at an ambient temperature of 16C ! Without the SUN there would be no photosynthesis ~ no FOOD and no LIFE on Earth !

    Your Poem & Complementary Picture is a great tribute to the SUN the centre and sustainer of the Solar System ~ Please let the LIGHT continue ~ AMEN Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours as always BRIAN ! Please check "GIVE THANKS" and add a POEM to my latest Fusion "HOLIDAYS" ~ Thanks B !

  • orchidee

    An enlightening write Fay!

  • Goldfinch60

    Every day Fay, every day.

  • Michael Edwards

    Light leads us all if only everyone could appreciate it - great work Fay.

  • Laura

    My dear Fay,
    A brilliant verse!
    To know darkness is to appreciate the gift of LIGHT!
    Your words are splendid; especially...
    “For this resplendent creation to daily glorify
    Love’s lifesaving proof radiant
    Light needs full praise.”


  • kingOfOne

    Kurt cobain of poetry 👌 Your words speak loudly.

  • Pintu Mahakul

    Performance of humanity depends on glittering of inner values and ethics. This is based on light of wisdom that we get from family, nature, universe and God. Invisibly light travels so fast to discover mystery of universe. But mind travels much faster than light to perceive every wonder. Lower or higher it does not matter. Shining entrance of light matters a lot. An interesting poem is beautifully written is outstanding one.

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