Fay Slimm.






Drooped in drowse a pink-bloomed hawthorne
straddles the scorched wall of noon.
A male blackbird appears skating through floor
scatters leaves, shakes and stoops,
beak stabs, mouth gulps drunk on worm-flavour
and flaps in heat-haze as pluming
upward heavy with extras he air-streams away
and swerving wildly finds roomy
nest site where, still tied three tiny beaks raise
hungry gapes greedily for soon
each work-riddled parent must take wing again.

Feeding means frenzy until young feathers form
and thick hawthorn shelter encases
live pickings for chicks with an ever-open maw.
Such is the diligence bred in nature
that avian pairs make endless forages to satisfy
offspring who, blindly helpless
must on inbuilt parental responses humbly rely.
Is there in this a hidden lesson ?


  • Goldfinch60

    The rate at which birds feed their young is astonishing. We watch them come tome and time again to the bird table - it gets quite pricey at this time of the year, apart from other seeds and fat etc I feed them sultanas and at the moment they are getting through a kilo a day.


    Thanks FAY for sharing a very elegant Poem (impeccable metre !) in respect of the Mother Instinct of BIRDS and other creatures ! My MIUM has nesting boxes with families of BLUE-TITS and when i get a chance to observe them at the weekend the parents are in & out all day with a tasty snack. It seems to me that many Young Mothers today are striving after PAY & OPPORTUNITY and are reluctant to "stay at home" and raise their family ~ which could take ten or more years ! To me that is the HIDDEN LESSON ~ to put Family before Fame & Fortune ~ Of course in these days of "equal opportunity" the FATHER could always be a STAY AT HOME DAD ! Thanks for carng & sharing ~ love the picture ~ YOURS BRIAN ~ Please check my Poem ~ Thanks BRIAN

  • Michael Edwards

    There is so much we can learn from nature - a fine poem recording one of its wonders.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Fay.

  • w c

    Thanks, Fay, for this beautiful poem. I have a special thing for birds.

  • Pintu Mahakul

    Diligence bred in nature is dignified with perception of nature. Endless effort to satisfy motivates mind. Through feeding it is expected that young feathers will come up soon. Behaviour of each kid-bird is uncontrolled. Parental responses are humbly adored. This poem is also outstanding natural poem and perception motivates mind through reading. Imagery comes alive like a living scene of nature.

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