IF ~ I have wounded anyone today

IF ~ I have caused someone to go astray

IF ~ I have walked in my in my own wilful way



IF ~ I have spoken idle words or vain 

IF ~ I have ignored those in Want or Pain   

LEST ~ I should suffer through the strain



FORGIVE the Sins ~ I have confessed to THEE

FORGIVE my secret Sins my Friends don't see

GUIDE Me ~ Love Me and My Keeper be



Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


As you know I am a committed Christian ~ but that does

not make me PERFECT ! I am filled with God's Holy Spirit

which enables me to be Loving ~ Joyful ~ Peaceful etc ~ 

BUT I can also choose to be Lustful ~ Miserable and a cause

of dissent ! So at the end of each day I pray this Prayer to

ask God's forgiveness  for any negative attitudes !  On his 

CD Jim asks us to carry this Prayer with us ! When I give 

talks on Jim Reeves I include this Prayer in my handout !

My POEM is based on the lyric by C M BATTESBY ~ OK !


  • Goldfinch60

    None of us is perfect but even if none believers followed Jesus' way the world would be a different palce.

    • Michael Edwards

      They are indeed the basic principles of life whether or not you believe and, as Andy says, if only they were adopted by all.


      AMEN ANDY & MIKE ~ Thanks for your comments ! In the UK The Scouts is still essentially a Christian Movement and many Groups still meet in Churches ! However the positive attitudes ~ embodied in the 10 Scout Laws are the basic tenets of HUMANISM and SOCIALISM ! Sadly such altruism is missing in the ME FIRST and MATERIALIST attitude of the 21st C ! Yours Optimistically ~ BRIAN !

    • orchidee

      Ohh you're 99% perfect I expect! heehee. A fine write there.


      THANKS STEVE ~ I am still a Saint in Progress ~BUT ~ When I get to GLORY ~ This MORTAL shall put on IMMORTAL and this IMPERFECTION shall put on PERFECTION and I shall be clothed in CHRIST's RIGHTEOUSNESS ! Then I shall be 100% perfect ~ AMEN ~ Yours ~ Brother BRIAN

    • Laura🌻

      Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
      Un bel messaggio!
      A beautiful message.
      All I want to say is...
      showing respect and
      being humane doesn’t
      take much effort!
      Abbracci e Baci per te ed Angela...


      CIAO LAURA ~ Nostra Cara Amica ~ Grazie per tu comentario ! Lovely voice ~ Lovely message pleased you loved it ! Bonna Note ~ Abbracci e Baci di BRIAN ed ANGELA XOXOX Thanks for choosing as a favorite !

      • Laura🌻

        Prego Caro Amico!
        You deserve to be a favorite!
        Sei Un gentiluomo...
        fedele e prezioso!🤗

      • Christina8

        A lovely write. None of us are perfect but they are nice principles to live by. Well done! Sister Christina

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks CHRIS "We try to be GOOD ~ Cos we know that we should ~ Thats our PRAYER at the end of the DAY !" Gracias Hermana ~ Tus Hermanos especiales BRIAN y ANGELA ~ Muchos Abrazos ~ @@@@@@@

        • w c

          Thanks, Brian. I really enjoyed this poem. Thank goodness He forgives!

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