Michael Edwards






Penetrating broken dreams

the haunting squawking bawls of gulls

which sail and soar in squalling winds

that scatter stones on shifting sands’


Trapped below its mighty weight

reflecting greys of wrought iron skies

the sheet steel sea plays make believe

as mournful mermaids gasp for air.







  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful write Michael, this is one that goes into my favourites, I don't do that very often.

    So you cultivate strychnine do you, I will have to be careful with my comments!

    • Michael Edwards

      I' m flattered yet again - thanks Andy

      I love this plant - so invocative of the countryside and wild places.


      Thanks for sharing MICHAEL ~ Love the FOXGLOVES such an elegant Belfry of Pink Bells. A Poem about DIGITALIS would make an elegant addition to my NEW FUSION or whatever Flower you choose ~ but hurry only 14 slots left before CURTAIN !
      Love the PATHOS bursting from your two perfectly balanced QUATRAINS ~ another GEM ~ Thanks BRIAN !

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Brian - I love Mary Webb's poem about this plant - could never compete with it so I'll have to chose another.

      • orchidee

        A fine write and pic Michael. Aww, why people prefer seagulls squawking to my singing?! Some folk are horrible to me, you know! heehee.

        • Michael Edwards

          Ah but you're so much better than sea gulls Orchi - when you sing you don't rain s**t - or do you?

          • orchidee

            Aww, why does **** always hit the fan? Why can't something else hit it?!

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          • Fay Slimm.

            Super poem with some wonderful metaphor used to full effect. First rate write Michael.

          • Heartwriter

            It is a seasoned write. Ripe and full of bloom loved it.

          • Lorna

            Wonderful poem Michael..... the mermaids trapped in the greyness of the ocean - perfect for broken dreams...... I can't keep foxglove growing.... it simply disappears without a trace.......

            • Michael Edwards

              Have you ever seen the mermaid in Copenhagen? I was a bit disappointed - it is so small - nothing like I imagined. As for the foxgloves shown above they are biennials so die completely after blooming but their seeds go everywhere - I look out for them and transplant them in the autumn if they are in the wrong place.

              • Lorna

                I've seen pictures of the Little Mermaid ... love that story but not as much as The Little Match Girl........ as for the foxglove, they don't like my garden I guess but Bleeding Hearts and Peonies do seed themselves and I gather them up each year..... quite a lot of plants for free!

              • FineB

                A beautiful poem and the foxgloves are stunning.

                Thanks Michael.

                Keep writing

              • Laura🌻

                An excellent write with super metaphors!

                “wrought iron skies”,
                “sheet steel plays make believe”

                Bravo Maestro!

                Nice pic of the beautifully
                colored digitalis/foxgloves!
                Such interesting names!
                I can see the commonality!

                Thank you for sharing!


                • Michael Edwards

                  It's funny how these ideas sometimes seem to flow and on other occasions the mind goes blank - like when my wife asks me to get the washing in as she did about an hour ago !!

                • orchidee

                  I ain't seen no foxes wearing gloves!!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    You must go to a foxing match Orchi.

                  • SLR

                    Nice flow and very descriptive. Great job Michael. Although I feel bad for the mermaids gasping for air. Beautiful pic. Your garden must be quite an Eden.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Thanks SLR - I do feel sorry from them - My garden is quite small but does contain a huge variety of plants - always full of bloom even in the winter months - I usually open it as part of my villages Open Gardens scheme but gave it a rest this year.

                      • SLR

                        That must have been a disappointment for your neighbors! Such beautiful pics you share! I've decided that the mermaids are gasping because of the pollution in the oceans. I hate pollution, I'll blame it on that.

                      • Andrew Charles Forrest

                        Your seventh line is unsurpassed... a descriptive mere mortals may never grasp.
                        Thank you for that line aloe you must have smiled when that left the pen.

                        • Michael Edwards

                          Thank you Andrew - yes I did find a bit of inspiration and I must add (rather smugly) that I was really pleased with this piece

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