Michael Edwards





The burning embers

emit their glow

and dry the shoes and fustian folds

of elderly men

who sup their ale

surrounded by the wood smoke curls.




A rainbow peers

through leaded glass

and light beams rain

in slanted straws

with hand outstretched

I catch them in

my open trembling palm.




The sweeping waves

Pound granite shores

Their limestone crescents

Reaching out

To smoky skylines


The threatening ructious skies.






As in music a tone poem is a descriptive piece in one movement/verse.

  • Author: Michael Edwards (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 20th, 2018 00:04
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 35
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  • Goldfinch60

    I can visualise these pictures that you paint with your words.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - had to dig deep for ructious - might use it again even though it's not recognised by this site.

    • orchidee

      Fine writes Michael. *Gets out dictionary for 'ructious'*

      • Michael Edwards

        Tis a fine word - not that I'm ructious - well maybe I was a few centuries ago when I was still a lad.

        • orchidee

          You ructing there?!

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        • Andrew Charles Forrest

          Love this it's like painting for the blind Michael, you've really brought these to life .

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks so much Andrew - I really appreciate your kind comments.

          • Fay Slimm.

            You make reading a sheer delight with these three little jewels dear Michael.

            • Michael Edwards

              I'm so pleased you enjoyed the read Fay. I do so enjoy writing the shorter pieces.

            • Heartwriter

              You are a multi- talent. Loved them.

            • orchidee

              Cooeee - you caught any rainbows this evening M?!

              • Michael Edwards

                Nooooo nuttin yet - no rain - tried it with the hose and got soaked - might have caught a cold - but a cold what I don't know. Mrs Berles said I haven't got enough syllables - where have they gone?

              • SLR

                This is why I always have to check out your work. Wonderful word combos without sounding ridiculous or pompous. Vivid word pictures. A true poet. Great work Michael!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thank you so much - you've truly made my day.

                • willyweed

                  Michael you always make my visits a joy in reading. ww

                  • Michael Edwards

                    My pleasure - thanks for visiting Willy

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks MIKE ~ Love the flowers ~ the combo of the blues with the yellow Welsh poppies are you a supporter of all things Swedish ~ I am !
                    Love TONE POEMS and it is description I use of some of FAY'S lovely Cornish Odes !
                    Loved all three ~ Perfection them and I have an urge to TITLE THEM as I do your ABSTRACTS !
                    1. Who hath smelt wood smoke @ twilight ?
                    2. I can catch a RAINBOW !
                    3. Stranger on the Shore !
                    Thanks for caring and thanks for sharing my CHOCOLATE ~ Plain is best ! Yours BRIAN

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Cheers Brian - Nepeta : the main plant - quite subdued but a great filler - do like your titles. I keep files of all my poems and might name them as you've suggested.

                    • Laura🌻

                      I enjoyed reading your “Three Pictures Painted”...
                      and they ARE three beautiful written visuals! It’s amazing what you’re able to do with your pen!


                      • Michael Edwards

                        Ah thank you Laura - so pleased you like them.

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