ROTORUA has a large Maori population

ONE can experience the HONGI the HAKA and

THE HANGI ~ A Traditional Maori Meal in Earth Oven

ONE can participate in the HAKA ~ War Dance ~ which

RUTH & I did ~ lots of  Dancing ~ Chanting ~ Tonguing !

UP till now we'd only seen it at Rugby Matches 

ALL BLACKS ~ to actually perform it was AMAZING ! 


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love ANGELA XOX


ROTORUA is 150 miles from Auckland and Ruth & I

travelled on Friday to spend an unforgettable weekend

with the MAORIS and enjoy the hot Lakes & hot Springs

We met in the Traditional Maori Meeting House and were

taught to do the HAKA and we were then served  Lamb

with vegetables and rice which had been cooked in the

hot Earth. We had a fabulous time and will visit again

HAERE RA ~ which is MAORI for GOOD BYE !


BRIAN is teaching me to do ACROSTICS ~ I sent him 

the draft and he will polish and publish it on MONDAY.  

I know BRIAN loves colour but I asked Him to publish

it in ALL BLACK which is the KIWIS colour for Sport !  




  • orchidee

    A fine write Angela/Brian.


      THANKS STEVE ~ Pleased you liked it ! We have added the LADIES HAKA ~ to make you swoon ~ Please revisit ~ Yours ANGELA & BRIAN

    • Goldfinch60

      Good acrostic. The All Blacks are the finest Rugby Union Team in the world.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks ANDY ~ We agree about the ALL BLACKS ~ and when they perform the HAKA before the Game it puts the fear of GOD into their opponents ~ I don't think Morris Dancing would have the same effect ! I have added the Maori Ladies doing the HAKA ~ please revisit ~ Pleased you liked it. Acrostics do limit the Poem without constraining which is an advantage because some poems become PONDEROSO ! Yours ANGELA & BRIAN !

      • Michael Edwards

        Great work Angela - sounds such a wonderful experience.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks MICHAEL ~ I'm enjoying every minute in the LAND of the Long White Cloud ~ especially the MAORI Culture which is even better than BRIAN had told me ! It's past 10 pm here so time for bed after all the excitement of the Weekend. Despite both being mega-busy Brian & I do miss each other and can't wait for August ! Despite looking FIERCE doing the HAKA ~ The Maori Ladies are all HUNNIES ~ KIA ORA ~ Good Health ~ Love ANGELA (emailed to BRIAN who edited & posted ~ KO !)

        • Frogspoetry


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            HI SISTER ~ Yes it really is a great place ROTORUA was really awesome and one even got used to the SULPHURY smell after a while (H2S) it reminded me of the School Lab I love Chemistry and all the AROMATHERAPY OILS ~ I use as a Masseuse ! The MAORI LADIES are very tactile (it's all that HONGI = Nose Rubbing) - and they love the AT and Oils like Jasmine & Geraniol & Musk: Men prefer Lime & Coconut & Pine etc: We have essential oils to suit all stages and all ages ! Love my work (Physiotherepy which includes Aromathrerapy - Hydrotherapy - Music Therapy and aspects of Beauty Therapy etc - Also love NZ especially the Maoris - Love Sister ANGELA

            • Frogspoetry

              I love aromatherpy.My favorite scents are,jasmine amd lavender.Here in Oregon where I am from,they have lavender fields everywhere,and mint fields.They smell so good when they are in full bloom.I wish you could see them,you would love it.It is very pretty here in oregon,green with lots of tall trees.I live in Madras,it is a little town in central oregon,kind of dry looking,but still very pretty.As is all of the Lords creation.I would love to meet you and Brian.You two sound like very lovely people.

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            • FineB

              Thank you Angela/Brian.

              Great write.

              I have been to Rotorua and loved it.

              Keep writing

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                GOD MORNING FB - IT\'S 9am in New Zealand so i can catch up with replies to ROTORUA - I have this morning (Tuesday 26 June) off because I have an Evening Physio Clinic for those who work during the day ! So pleased you have visited Rotorua and loved it - despite the SULPHUR smell which one soon gets used too ! The MAORIS use the thermal energy to cook with and the hot water for thermal bathing etc. We were offered Corn on the Cob in a plastic bag cooked with a blob of NZ Butter in a plastic bag ~ the Maoris are very resourceful and \"Make a dollar while the water is HOT !\" Ruth and I enjoyed the Hongi - Hangi and learning to do the HAKA - I will scare BRIAN when he visits in August ! I will send another \"Letter from Paradise\" next week - Love ANGELA. BRIAN has posted a new FUSION on the ONE LUXURY you would take to a Desert Island (he chose a FENDER with a Solar Amplifier !) - please check ! This reply was emailed to BRIAN who posted it on my belhalf - KO ! (Kia Ora - Good Health !)

              • Christina8

                Great job Angela. Glad you are having such a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks SISTER CHRISTINE - It's 11am TUESDAY Here MIDNIGHT for BRIAN and I guess about 6pm with you ! I have a free morning (Evening Clinic tonight - Tuesday 26 June) so I am catching up on comments on ROTORUA and replying through BRIAN'S SITE ! I am so pleased BRIAN encouraged me to come to NZ (He is a Treasure !) because he knew from experience how much Ruth & I would enjoy it ! It surpasses all he told us ! In my replies to FROGSPOETRY - I mentioned the healing POWER of HANDS and Aromatherapy (massage using essential oils) etc. As a NURSE you must have experienced the ~ cooling and reassurance you give a Patient when you touch them in the course of Treatment ! I believe all Christians have the "Gift of Healing" in their hands - some of course much more than others. This is one reason why I became a Physiotherapist and a Clinical Masseuse ! I hope you can get back to Nursing soon - even if only part time. Thanks for your comments it is a pleasure to share the wonders of NZ with you all ! Love SISTER ANGELA Brian never gives up on FUSIONS and has published a new one on LUXURY ITEMS to take on a Desert Island ! He has chosen a FENDER GUITAR & SOLAR AMP (£2000 = $2400) luxury indeed he hopes to become a virtuoso ! Please add a verse if you have time. It is based on a UK Radio programme Desert Island Discs - Where one takes 8 records 1 book and 1 luxury ~ it is one of his favourite radiio programmes !

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