Greatest Love

My greatest love of all is right

here sitting next to me

I feel like I owe him everything

Without him I don't know where I'd be


My love for him is like trying 

to capture the ocean's tide

I feel full to bursting when I think

of him ~ Only in him can I confide


And no matter what I tell him

he won't judge me in any way

True to his loving nature, I 

can count on him to stay


People said that our love wouldn't 

ever stand the test of time

Well, it has, and through my struggles,

he still makes my life sublime.


  • Michael Edwards

    True love - you are blessed.

    • Christina8

      Yes we are. Thanks so much!


      SUCH LOVE ~ Pure as the whitest snow
      SUCH LOVE ~ With Me where'er I go
      SUCH LOVE ~ Only Beloved can know

      Thanks SISTER ~ To have your Perfect Passionate Poem in Pole Position this morning (its 6:30am here !) has already MADE MY DAY ! My Prayer for you 24/7 is Your Happiness and the Happiness of your whole Family ~ It begins and flourishes with LOVE ! I love every beautiful word of this LOVE POEM ~ which is straight from your Loving Heart ! Abrazos Muchos ~ Tus Hermanos BRIAN y ANGELA @@@@@@@ "My Love for Him is like trying to capture the Ocean Tide" Love the infinity of this line and have saved the Poem as a Fave. Please check my Poem & Fusion, Thanks B !

      • Christina8

        Thanks so much for your shining reply to my poem!!! It doesn't say you saved it as a favorite but I'm pleased if you wanted to! I appreciate so much your awesome support and friendship through everything. Thanks a million. Will check your poem. Abrazos muchos!

      • Goldfinch60

        Beautiful loving write. That love WILL go on forever.

        • Christina8

          Thanks so much Andy, I appreciate it so much!

        • Fay Slimm.

          A love poem to be treasured dear Christina - your warm and grateful heart shows through every line. Into my favs with this little gem.

          • Christina8

            Thank you Fay---very honored that it went into your faves!!

          • orchidee

            A fine write Christina.

            • Christina8

              Thanks so much Orchidee!

            • Heartwriter

              Such a sweet tender write. I was touched by it. Precious!

              • Christina8

                Thanks so much for your awesome reply and saving it as a fave!! I appreciate it!

              • Syd

                Beautiful poem Christina. Treasure what you have. I am happily married but have only ever wrote one romantic poem (it's just not my thing) but thankfully she really liked it.

                - Syd

                • Christina8

                  Thank you so much Syd, I appreciate your lovely comment! Thanks for making it a fave!

                • lasergraph

                  Great tribute to love. Sounds like you are very happy.

                  • Christina8

                    Thanks so much!!

                  • lea cobain .

                    i’m in love with this piece! so full of wonderful and happy words❤️

                    • Christina8

                      Thank you lea---I have close to half of my work devoted to this man!! lol. Thanks for your kind words!

                      • lea cobain .

                        then i’m excited to read on!(: you’re so welcome

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