WEATHER ~ OR NOT ? A Modern Poem



I always carry a rolled Umbrella ~ Not because

it might rain ~ but because my Papa always carried

one and he was an honourable Man and he never liked 

to see a Young (or Older) Lady getting wet in the RAIN !


One year in Leeds it showed so much ~ we could

not out ot the House get !  I loved it NO SKOOL 

NO CHAPEL ! Alas it was not another ICE AGE !


In 2010 we went to Death Valley ~ It was 135F

effin' 'ot we stayed in't car ! I was dissapointed

we were there but we didn't die ~ why ?


What is WIND ~ nutthin just hotorcold air

but i was glad i wasn't in our house ~ when

it blew away last year in the Autumn Gales !


The english always talk bout the weather

specially this week !  It is a MURRYLESS wimbledon

england have won a worldcup penaltyshootout so

sweden is an anticlimax and only nincompoops and

politicians (same thing) ever talk about  B R E X I T  !


Thanks for reading ~ comments please ~ Luv BRIAN OXO


I love MODERN POETRY ~ much easier to (de) compose

No  Rools ~ No Rime ~ No Rithim ~ No Reason ~ AMEN !    



  • Goldfinch60

    No speling ither.

    The British weather is not normally so consistent as it is at the moment, as far as I am concerned the quicker the frosty mornings come the better I will like it.


    Ever since the Advert DRINKA PINTA MILKA DAY ~ Spelin has bin a optinal egstra ~ Modern Poetry always brings out the DEVIL in ME !
    The ENGLISH are so contrary about the WEATHER. We moan all Winter about the COLD and then when we do get an INDIAN SUMMER we're scared of DELHI BELLI and if it lasts til Autumn ~ BERRY BERRY. We (H. Sapiens Sapiens) caused GLOBAL WARMING so we will have to suffer the consequences ! What ever level of CO2 Homo Industrialus sows ~ A Temperature Rise shall he also reap ! Houses are cheaper and kooler in ALASKA ! Thanks for your comment ~ BRIAN

  • orchidee

    Wot is this? A good rite Brian! You making hay while that sun shines?!


      YES INDEED STEVE ~ One has too ~ it might rain all Summer Next Year ! It's the MIDDLE of WINTER in NZ where ANGELA is ~ but it ranges between 5C and 13C (40 & 55F) and no snow She loves it and so would ANDY PANDY ! Pleased you enjoyed my departure from my normform ~ BRIAN

    • Heartwriter

      Weather is always changing. Summer is my fav usually. It is hotter than normal. Great write.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks HEART ~ Mother Earth is having HOT FLUSHES due to Global Warming which is due to CO2 increase and its rising year on year. It's an UNNATURAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL PHENOMENA I For which we are all responsible ~ mea culpa. The BRITS no longer need to go to the Med for a Tan we just lie (al nudo) in the Back Yard. Climate Change also has many negative effects TIME IS RUNNING OUT and there is nowhere else to BOLDLY GO ! Thanks BRIAN

      • LaurašŸŒ»

        Mio Caro Amico Brian,
        Una poesia Che fa sorridere!
        A great fun read !
        I enjoyed it!
        You will love the winter
        weather in NZ! No coat
        needed! Less to pack. Super!
        Abbracci e Baci per te ed Angela...

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          GRAZIE LAURA ~ AMICA NOSTRA ~ Yes the Weather and climate Worldwide is always of interest to BRITS ~ I\'ve only been to NZ i their Summer FEBRUARY MARCH ~ Angela is enjoying the cool (but not cold) Winter in Auckland especial in the Physiotherapy Gym the Aquatherapy Pool and the Aromatherapy Room and she gets paid for such an enjoyable \"Hands-on\" occupation ! When I visit in AUGUST it will 45 to 60F ~ lovely ! I always like to visit FLORIDA in Jan / Feb always WARM but not too HOT and no MOZZIES ! Un buon giorno a TU ~ Abbracci e Baci con Amore de BRIAN (UK) ed ANGELA (NZ) XOXOX

        • Michael Edwards

          What is brexit? I could drinka pinta now.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            BREXIT ? BEER ~ RECYCLED ~ EX ~ INTERNAL ~ TAPS i.e. Brewed With Ad(n)ams Ale ~ BRITISH TAP WATER ! Together with the Intelligent half of the UK ~ Angela & I voted BREMAIN not BREXIT because we like French ~ Italian and especially Vino d'Espana ! We enjoy German and the 200 Belgium Beers and a Drop of Port from OPORTO ! What BREXIT means is we proletariat will only be able to afford BRITISH BEER (that's a bonus !) BUT British Wine is expensive and inferior and we have no OAK BARRELS to make British Port or Sherry ~ GOD FORBID ! STEVE will still be able to get his Wee Dram unless Scotland defects to the EU ~ but Irish Whiskey is potable (you can drink it as well). BREXIT will send us back to the DARK AGES which for some will be an improvement and for others a relief. Thank GOD ~ Our Leader Theresa is 100% a REMAINER and (at the moment) she is still TUNING THE CALL ~ AMEN ! I have a question for YOU ~ WHAT IS BREXIT ? I CASE my REST ~ Thank GOD for BING CROSBY 115 this year and singing better than ever ~ Yours BRIAN (Always a Remainer !) Padre d'Angela has Vineyards and Casas in Spain so if BREXIT BREAKS-IT we do have RIOJA an enticing alternative place to live after we are married in 2020 ~ Angela has Joint Citizenship ~ AMEN ~ Yours A & B !

          • Frogspoetry

            My favorite season is spring,baby animals,blooming flowers,and not to hot and not to cold.hope all is well, be back when I can

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS MELISSA ~ Yes (after a hard Winter) SPRING is always welcome and it lifts our Spirits ~ The season of New Life & Resurrection ~ AMEN ~ Yours as always BRIAN

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