MY GLASS BOTTLES ~ Objects of Beauty

You should never use Plastic ~ tacky ~ polluty !


GLASS ~ an elegant material ~ Supercooled 

Liquid ~ so (like water) cool & transparent

An Earthenware  Bottle is opaque ~ you can't

See what it contains ~ It is an ENIGMA ~ A

Sparkling Glass Bottle showcases the CONTENTS !


BOTTLES of GLASS used for hundreds of years

OLIVE OIL & WINE complemented by GLASS

Their Purity & Colour can be clearly seen ~ and

The texture and excellence of JAM & PICKLES !

Let us celebrate GLASS ~ save it ~ recycle it


SO eliminate PLASTIC and accentuate GLASS ~ AMEN !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


This POEM is presented as a Blank Verse 2 5 7 Acrostic Sonnet. 

An elegant poetic structure for GLASS ~ An Elegant Material !



  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 9th, 2018 02:25
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  • orchidee

    Ohhh you recovering from the weekend? I see plenty of those bottles could contain....gin?! They are all empty! lol.


      GOOD QUESTION STEVE ! I have collected BOTTLES since I was in the PRAM ~ BUT ~ Empty Bottles (like Dead Men) tell no tales ! The Paparazzi look for clues in the garbage of Stars ~ BUT ~ before I put a (clean & empty) bottle in the recycling box ~ I remove ALL LABELS ~ so it could be GIN or COD LIVER oil ! The HEADLINES 10 empty GIN BOTTLES found in BRIAN\'S BIN would NOT be good for my IMAGE ! I case my rest ~ Your BRIAN the SOBER ! Please check ANGELA'S first FUSION on "Places" and add a POEM to encourage her ~ Thanks BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Oohh I do the same, so no one knows I've had sherry! We're to be 'sober' as it says, among some oddities perhaps, e.g. you listening to any old wives tales there?! Maybe it means gossip?!

      • Michael Edwards

        Oh if only we did use more glass - why on earth did we ever start using plastic? Fine write Brian.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Because I am a Research Chemist (bench worker !) I had to do a course in Glass Blowing (including making sherry glasses but don\'t tell Orchii) and for me it is the perfect material ~ just SAND and SODA fused together ~ simple. I hate it at a Function or Garden Party when I am served a decent Wine in a Plastic Goblet and not Crystal Glass ~ ANATHEMA ! The same goes for Beer ~ it deserves a 'Handle' ! For me (having survived the Plastic Age) I think Plastics should be illegal together with RAPPING and STRING VESTS etc. Yours BRIAN Vitrinophile !

          • Michael Edwards

            With you all the way - and you can add ankle socks with sandals.

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write Brian, I think that we should go back to glass bottles. I can remember when all was in glass bottles and the two pinters us kids could take them back to the shop and get threpunce for returning them.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks ANDY ~ when I was born (1983) glass was in decline and Plastics ruled ~ OK ! Now however Glass is making a comeback and (because of sea pollution) PLASTIC is vilified ! This is the AGE of CARDBOARD & GLASS ~ AMEN. A Glass pint MILK BOTTLE is an icon ~ and a "Thing of Beauty" for ever ~ especially when delivered to one's doorstep @ 7:30 am by NORMAN WISDOM ! A FOUR LITRE plastic Container of Milk (it's not a Bottle !) is by comparison CHEAP & OBSCENE ! Please check ANGELA'S first FUSION on Favourite Places and please add a POEM ~ Yours BRIAN !

            • FineB

              Thanks Brian.

              A lovely poem. Well you have certainly made me think about bottles and the way I see them.

              The picture is beautiful and compliments your poem.

              Keep writing ✍️

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks you FRIEND ~ Pleased you enjoyed the symbiotic Poem 'n Pic ! When a Bottle or Jar is empty I clean it scrupulously ~ remove all labels ~ dry and place on the Window Ledge to let the SUN shine through ! I live in my own flat so I can collect Bottles ~ Cobalt Blue Glass is especially BEAUTIFUL ! Yours BRIAN Please check ANGELA's first FUSION on Fave Places and add a Poem ! Thanks B !

              • Christina8

                I love glass and antiques. Great write!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks SISTER ~ YES it is an awesome MATERIAL and PLASTIC is a very very poor SUBSTITUTE ! I recycle all my BOTTLES but If I get a \"SPECIAL\" One I either keep it or take it to the ART DEPARTMENT for \"Still Life\" Painting a Collection of Glass Bottles (as in my Picture) is a BLACK ART ! ANGELA has posted a FUSION on my site \"WHERE ON EARTH WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE ?\" Please contribute a POEM ~ Thanks ~ Big Hugs ~ BROTHER BRIAN & SISTER ANGELA @@@@@@@ It's 1am must get to bed ~ TALK TOMORROW ~ Yours as as always B !

                • w c

                  Very nice, Brian.

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