The Heist

Nine persons engaged in a heist,

All different unique individuals, living on the ‘edge of life,’

Surviving on their wits, guile, cunning and criminal skills,

Ordinary 9-5 jobs do not suit them,

They love the danger of stealing from the rich and its incredible thrills.

Cartiers – New Bond Street, London,

The latest priceless Diamonds jewellery collection on display,

A heist is meticulously planned over time,

Mission to strike in the next couple of weeks without delay.

Upon Cartiers, the group descends,

The day has arrived for the Cartiers raid,

All angles have been covered on this heist,

Everyone, providing for their expertise will be paid.

Cartiers is a hive of activity everywhere,

Jewels, gems and priceless assets seduce the eye,

Security cameras and systems ever so vigilant,

The Diamonds jewellery collection, heavily insured, the risk of theft very high.

Power breaks down in Cartiers,

Alarm systems sound as everyone panics and evacuates in a frantic state,

The heist gang execute their Diamonds raid to timed precision,

They exit in style from Cartiers before it is too late.

Cartiers has been robbed of its latest Diamonds collection,

No trace to any lead suspects has been found,

The Diamonds Heist has been successfully delivered,

The prosperous Heist gang, en-route for a glamorous life anywhere are bound.


  • Michael Edwards

    Great story in poetic form - good write FB

    • FineB

      Thank you Michael.

      Delighted that you liked the poem.

      Keep writing ✍️

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write. It sounds like a good film.

      • FineB

        Thanks for reading Goldfinch60.

        Glad that you enjoyed the poem.

        Keep writing ✍️

      • orchidee

        Doh! I tried to join the heist, but only got into Poundland! Ooh it's very expensive. The 99p shop is cheaper! lol.

        • FineB

          Hi Orchidee,

          Thanks for reading.

          You can't go wrong with the 99 shop!

          Keep writing

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          HI FRIEND ~ Thanks for glamorising the HEIST. But in reality CRIME does not pay and innocent (and not so innocent) people get Hurt & Killed. I have been a Prison Visitor (On behalf of the CHURCH) and they are not pleasant places ~ Yours BRIAN !
          Thanks for a very well penned Poem on an interesting topic. Please check my site and please add a POEM to "ANGELA'S" Fusion on Favourite Places ~ Thanks B !

          • FineB

            Hello Brian,

            Thanks for reading!

            Much appreciated.

            Keep writing

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