Michael Edwards







A thousand punctuations high

a magic carpet drifts and floats

a murmuration fills the sky


Above the woods and stubble blond

the symphony with rhythm swings

performing near and far beyond.





  • Goldfinch60

    Seeing the murmurations of starlings is one of the wonders of the natural world, I have been privileged to see them in my life and they always take my breath away.

  • Laura


    A great write and pic!

    “a magic carpet drifts and floats”...
    An awesome vision!

    Love your drawing.
    Is it a charcoal or pencil drawing!


  • orchidee

    A fine write and pic Michael. Could call them picture-poems, even without the actual pictures/drawings, if you see how I mean?
    'Stubble blond' yes - parched grass scorched yellow these days.

    • Michael Edwards

      My grass is entirely yellow. I wonder why I pay for Green Thumb so much so I might do away with some of my lawns and go over to pebbles with plenty of pots and a few specimen plants here and there to soften it all.

      • orchidee

        Has Miss Berles anything to do with the grass being scorched?!

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      • Diamond

        Great write Michael. Pleasing rhyme and rhythmic read.

      • Heartwriter

        As always you brought words to life and a picture painted so beautifully.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks H - I guess you could call it a tone poem although it's written in two stanzas.

          • Heartwriter


          • orchidee

            How's your evening going? Coooee. I'm supporting Croatia this evening. heehee. Dunno where it is, mind you? Is it near France or something?! :)

            • Michael Edwards

              Sail down the Dalmation coast and you'll soon spot it - love the country - what do you mean - you are supporting them - are they falling over - what's the UN doing about it - do they need a prop - or is that rugby?

              • orchidee

                I'll get me boat and sail then. I'm gonna be a traitor. I may follow the psychic pig, or psychic cat on telly! Is it fixed? They might put the animal's favourite food in one of their dishes and not in the other dish.

              • dusk arising

                A sight i would love to see 'in the flesh'. Sure to be more staggering than the amazing TV footage i have seen.
                Great subject for you.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                YES INDEED MICHAEL ~ lovely evocative Poem 'n Pic as usual ~ A MURMURATION is an excellent Collective Noun and very apt when one considers the noise they make ~ love their silhouette in the sketch. Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

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