Behind closed doors


Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

Behind closed doors no one knows

What we are like what love that we hold

Yet they like to guess and deal our reputation with blows

All because we don't fit into their old fashioned molds


A woman with an opinion and values to share

A woman who isn't afraid to say how she feels

She should be doing the dishes, fixing her hair

Making the dinner in dress, apron and heels


A husband that lets his wife run the house

Well that's not a man whrn he doesn't take control

The other half should be as quiet as a mouse

A man rules the roost that is certain and whole


She must be a bully if he listens to her views

She obviously gives him no choice if he agrees with what she suggests

It's 2018, we discuss, we decide, we choose, this shouldn't be news

He just agrees, he's considered all,  this isn't a test


Behind closed doors no one knows

How life is lived and views are shared

No one knows how your love and live goes

And no one should, your life laid bare



  • Author: Jooles (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 17th, 2018 04:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: As quite a strong independent women I definitely, although I\\\'m very happy to say not very often, come across people who do tend to be older in age that do not seem to like that I can hold my own. I have lots of values that I never ever shove in anybody\\\'s face(I\\\'m vegetarian, I support gay marriage and adoption, I support recycling and healthy living etc) but if someone tries to force their opinions on me and tell me their way is the only right way they will hear me. Not everyone will agree with my values, not everyone will agree with what I\\\'ve wrote and that\\\'s ok, perfectly fine but don\\\'t put me down, dont tell me woman shouldn\\\'t have been given the vote as look what it has led to, respect my opinions and I will respect yours. To all those people who are, respect or love strong woman, power to you.
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    Love your ATTITUDE JOOLS ~ You are my kind of WOMAN. The World has been patriarchal for much too long and as a MERE MAN engaged to a very strong Woman (ANGELA) I agree with Gender Equality right across the Board. You will notice I have included ANGELA in my pen-name ~ BRIAN & ANGELA and added another DOVE in my LOGO ~ OK ! Angela wanted to spend a Year in NZ before we are married ~ which I happily consented to because we have an equal partnership ! God created Eve very different from ADAM ~ but his equal in every aspect ! In the UK we have had an amazing QUEEN for 65 years and our PM is a Lady and out of 365 MP's She is the best person for the JOB which requires a MULTI-TASKER ~ AMEN Thanks for caring & sharing Hugs ~ BRIAN & ANGELA. Please check my Poem "FUSION" and add a Poem to my FUSION ~ Thanks B ! Loved you poem ~ very elegant and a powerful message !

  • Jooles

    Hi Brian I am also in the UK. Angela sounds like a lucky lady. Thanks

  • Goldfinch60

    Great attitude. I have always supported equality throughout my long life, I am 70 this year. My wife and I have always shared the work in the house up until recently where through her illness i now have to do it but that is how life is.
    Equality should be the norm, I cannot understand why people just cannot see this.
    I agree with ll that you have said and if people have a problem with that it is their problem, not yours.

    • Jooles

      That is lovely to hear! There is one particular male who is 68 and that is always the excuse for his out dated behaviour. My dad is 80 this year and is proud of my strength, my values and education so age is no excuse as you have also proven 😊

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