Seasons Sought

Tune: Crimond

('The Lord's my Shepherd')


O parchéd land, arid and dry

For rain showers you cry

And how are human hearts today?

[Are] They thirsty for God's way?


Send rain and showers to refresh

And grace and mercy mesh

So to our lives refreshment bring

Renewing us, we sing


O barren views and greenness fades

As if in locust raids

Where they did eat all in their sight

Bringing a scorching blight


Though sunny days, sun's golden haze

Freedom, where nature plays

God of all seasons, time, and space

Come save us, every race


Your cooling balm to heal and cure

Your presence to assure

Help us to care, [for] your creation

Spread o'er every nation





  • orchidee

    Blame me if it rains too much then! But rain is seen as a blessing in the Bible. A plague of locusts is spoken of on Joel in the Old Testament; also a scorching east wind. Send rain - but not a deluge?!

  • Goldfinch60

    Yes it is all your fault Orchi, you will insist on putting water in my scotch and that is an awful waste of water.

    Good write though, may the heavens open soon (but not for too long as we can get flooded in Evesham).

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. You got any locusts there?!

      • Goldfinch60

        No, only frogs!

      • FineB

        Thank you Orchidee

        This is truly awesome and so is God!

        Keep writing

        • orchidee

          Thanks Fine.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Fine play on the double meaning of words here Orchi - - barren not only applies to parched land - love the read.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Fay. I aimed to link the physical and spiritual aspects here.

          • Heartwriter

            I adore your writes. They are always inspiring.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Heart. Writing 'em is OK. Hearing me sing 'em is another thing! There ya go! heehee.

            • Michael Edwards

              Must be the weather - I've also just posted a summer one -
              fine work as ever O.

              • orchidee

                Thanks M. I saw some surprisingly green grass today. Mind you, part of my country walk looked like a desert.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                There shall be showers of Blessing
                This is the promise of GOD
                There shall be Seasons refreshing
                Sent down for Heaven above !

                Thanks STEVE for reminding us of the Blessings of Physical Rain and Spiritual Rain ~ AMEN

                Thanks also for highlighting PSALM 23 & Crimond ~ Sung @ most of the EVANGELICAL Funerals I attend ! It is especially effective when sung at the Graveside in the pouring rain ~ AMEN ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

                • orchidee

                  Thanks Brian & Angela. Oops let's sing it at jollier times too! Does it always rain at funerals?

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