dusk arising


it would be easy to say
when I see you look at me this way
that someday friend you may find
you're walking that same  path I walked before you
but thats not true
for none of us walk will the same path
oh they may be similar I grant you but
everybody will walk their own path
the path their life deals out to them
it maybe not quite what is expected
for just when you're doing easy and life's ok
some truck load of the unforseen comes along
and if it doesn't knock you clean off your feet
it sure takes you away from where
you thought you were headed
me? well I thought I had it all mapped out
I knew where I stood on just about everything
but then one by one I met those truckloads
oh sure there's been despair and tears
bloody nose and bankruptcy
but I still walk and talk and reason pretty well
there's plenty lost all that and more
I ain't complaining
I have much beauty all around me
suns rise and fall paint skies no canvas captures
the savour of crisp night air beneath chilling carpet of starlight
chirping symphony of birdsong
the hue and cry of humanity about its industrious day
though thrash of wind and rain serve to amplify my insignificance
I'm encouraged

to greet each springtime with a smile
to thank creation for every childs smile
and the ability within to walk another mile


  • Goldfinch60

    Each mile we walk in our life is filled with moments and each moment is precious, treasure them. Good write.

    • dusk arising

      Im in definate agreement with you on this. Im hoping for many more moments. Thank you for commenting.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Love the positive outlook on life in this poetic and perceptive reminder that we are all unique thus our paths through life differ. That "truckload of the unforeseen" bears down on us all at sometime or other - yet this gem of a write leaves readers in no doubt that seeing the beauty around lifts up our heads and hearts to walk on. A favourite to read again for sure.

    • Michael Edwards

      Great message and write dusk

      • dusk arising

        Thank you sir, i'm hoping to be coming out of my 'dry' period with more word in the near future.

      • Poetic Dan

        Easy like Sunday morning, let playing in my head. The wise words from you my friend has stained across my page, it will for ever join me each mile that I gauge.

        • dusk arising

          Cheers Dan, reading the words of your writings on MPS i can see your path has been an interesting one so far and you've met some of those truckloads of unexpected destiny along the way. Thank you for reading and commenting.

        • Joe Dawson

          A keen sense of reality here and a lot to be said for sticking to one's own drinking boots, if I may put it that way. To quote a friend: he stood in another shoes, walked in another's life, married another's wife, she died early and now he is alone. One never knows what waits in the wings.

          • dusk arising

            That's it exactly as you say it Joe. Thank you for reading and commenting.

          • Neville

            to truly live and feel, they say you should feel your neighbours shoes pinch... well they do around here... enjoyed walking alongside of you but in my own way and at my own pace... cheers

            • dusk arising

              That's just as it should be for each of us, we are individuals. The light of life shines out of us all here on MPS. Thank you.

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