Michael Edwards





My memory is good and I clearly recall

they entered the Ark and I counted them all.

Up the gangplank they marched in file

and I was there counting them all the while.

They only boarded in pairs I swear

but now we have rabbits everywhere.




  • dusk arising

    Lets face it, rabbits are well ahead of us in weighing up the situation. After all, the purpose of the ark was to ensure the continuity of each each species. They obviously gave the notion wholehearted support.
    As one snowman said to the other "can you smell carrots?"

  • Goldfinch60

    Those pairs were obviously heterosexual then.

  • orchidee

    Oh lol a fine write M. If you was there, you was surely with us in 1066 too!

  • orchidee

    We have guinea pigs. Erm, they only take about 10 weeks for a new batch. So we have them in separate cages!

  • LaurašŸŒ»


    Noah swearing?!
    Shame on him...
    ...and hooray for the rabbits!

    A good one...thank you!


  • Heartwriter

    Lol! To me this one us tops. Awesome humor. Keep them coming.

  • FineB

    Hello Michael,

    The story of Noah is a truly awesome story from the Bible.

    Thanks for your charming version.

    Keep writing


    thanks UNCLE MIKE !

    As everyone knows
    Are always at it
    Thats why their FAMILY
    Grows & Grows & Grows .

    Rabbit Pie is my fave ~ so i'm pleased they went forward and MUTIPLIED
    Thanks for SHARING ~ A & B
    Please dine @ my Periodic Table !

  • Candlewitch

    well done...very well done!!!

    *hugs, Cat

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