O MY GOD ~ Please please help ME

My HOUSE ~ fallin' into the SEA !

It is such a blow ~ because

Well you know ~ Three years ago

I bought it to be ~ NEAR TO THE SEA !


I had just recent retired

My HOUSE my friends all admired

Only snag is ~ the high rising SEA

Is coming closer & closer to ME

I bought it to be ~ NEAR TO THE SEA !


 Now every week ~ closer it came

It seems like my house ~ SEA wants to reclaim

We can't build a WALL ~ far too late



I didn't buy it to be ~ IN THE SEA !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


In NORFOLK on the East of England Coast the Houses

are built on the Sand Cliffs near to the Coast for the

coveted Sea Views.  The UK is an Island with a very 

high Coast to Land Area ratio. Millions of people live

on or near the Coast. Due to GLOBAL WARMING (It

is a reality Mr Trump not a Chinese Myth) Sea levels

are rising (due to melting ice-caps) storms are  also

increasing ~ the sand is drier and less stable etc etc.

Thousands of Coastal Homes & Villages are now under

threat of Coastal Erosion and "drowning" in the SEA.

Sadly many of these homes are owned by Seniors who

dreamt of retiring near the Sea. Comments Welcome B.  



  • little dove

    good poem I like your repetition of the word sea this helps the poem


      Thanks DOVE pleased you enjoyed it ~ despite it being a sad situation ! . I've now added a picture ~ OK. For emphasis REPETITION is very important ~ WORDS & PHRASES. Yours as always BRIAN !

    • orchidee

      Eek! So we see it. Hearing Jesus; words but not doing them - there's the homes built on sand! A fine write B.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Very true STEVE ~ The Wise Man built his House upon a ROCK ~ The Foolish Man built his House upon the SAND ~ and the HOUSE came tumbling down ! Jesus was a good site assessor ! Sad thing is SENIORS (70+) unable to drive or walk far ~ want to be as close to the BEACH as possible. All BRITS have salt water in their veins ~ and Estate Agents don\'t give a Hell as long as they sell and some of the Houses (hanging over the edge) seem like a BARGAIN @ £75,000 ($100,000) and all have a SEA VIEW ! Yours (ANGRY) Brian (20 miles from the SEA !) We will be offline until TUESDAY 31st JULY.

      • Goldfinch60

        This is happening all around the coast. I feel fortunate that it will take a long time for the sea to reach the Midlands - or will it?

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          YES INDEED ANDY ~ but perhaps the Goon who wrote "Ashby de la Zouch by the Seaside" knew something we don't. When I was in Nottingham the sea seemed very remote ! However now that FRACKING is getting the GREEN LIGHT ~ You may get EARTHQUAKES in the Midlands instead. The Coastal Erosion is accelerating ~ we have shifted the equilibrium and we mess with GAIA at our own expense. Global Warming and Climate Change is Mother Natures way of restoring Global Equilibrium and in her mind H. Sapiens is just another species and if we perish by our own selfish foolishness ~ Industrialisation & Urbanisation & Deforestation and doubling atmospheric CO2 etc etc so be it. I just hope the Planet is still habitable in 2083 when i will be 100 ! Yours as ever BRIAN ~ We will be off-line until TUESDAY 31st JULY.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Oh Brian that picture you chose brought a shiver of sad sympathy - - it must be horrific to know the ocean approaches to the front door - I cannot imagine the stress it brings to those who retired to be near the sea. A needed reminder that global warming in no respecter of man or beast.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            YES FAY IT IS SAD INDEED ~ Especially for Pensioners who have down-sized to a Bungalow to be near the sea. Who is to blame ? The Councils for not putting in Sea Defences ~ The Vendors and Estate Agents for not warning the purchasers ~ The Buyers for not getting more advice etc. They are all to blame but in the end ~ it is in the end ~ the BUYER who really suffers financially ~ economically ~ socially and psychologically. We are culpable for Global warming ! I live 20 miles from the Coast ~ How close are you ? Yours as ever BRIAN We will be off-line until TUESDAY 31st July ~ OK

          • Michael Edwards

            So terrible and your poem brings it home so vividly fine work Brian

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS MIKE ~ I am an Environmental Scientist not a Prophet of Doom. The FUTURE was ORANGE ~ now its RED ~ It will never be GREEN again in our lifetime ! I shudder to think what State Planet Eart will be in ~ in 2080 (I'll be 97) That is the temperature forecast for Essex Today 37C = 97F ! Have a nice day ~ Pleased you liked the POEM 'n PIC ~ BRIAN

            • Christina8

              Your poem makes me feel sad because I even see it's effects in the great lakes. Wonderful write!

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