Comments received on poems by Joel-Lilian

For you MUM!
lea cobain . said:

so cute

September 2nd, 2018 22:44

For you MUM!
Laura said:


A great tribute to your mum. They are very special!


September 2nd, 2018 08:11

From me to you!
JasmineUK said:

Tears for your horror,
Tears for your pain,
Tears for your strength,
To rebuild self again.

Best wishes for your motherhood.

July 19th, 2018 05:02

The Comedian
FredPeyer said:

Very well written with a strong message. We all wear masks but there comes a time when the mask has to come off.

July 22nd, 2017 20:35

The Comedian
onepauly said:

going to or coming from

July 22nd, 2017 17:18

Tug Of War
ummbree said:


July 20th, 2017 02:30

You’re Beautiful but blind
Its Raskolnikov said:

I love this poem, it is wonderful! Love is tough but that doesn\'t mean you should give up and you recognize that. Respect, keep it up.

July 15th, 2017 15:48

You’re Beautiful but blind
Adri said:

I love how relationships can evolve and grow, your poem recognizes that acceptance of change. It is a beautiful poem, I hope you showed your wife or significant other! 🦋

July 15th, 2017 08:25

You’re Beautiful but blind
Candlewitch said:


this is a beautiful tribute! much enjoyed!

*hugs, Cat

July 15th, 2017 08:13

My body.
Tony36 said:

Well written and expressed

July 14th, 2017 18:49

My body.
Candlewitch said:


your poem speaks loudly! NO means NO!!! he is a cowardly beast. and it was his fault...he made the choice to defile you and by doing so, he has defiled himself!!!

*hugs, Cat

July 14th, 2017 12:18