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The other woman

Thanks for sharing SHARON for what sounds like a true confession ~ if it is I trust you found it cathartic. I\'m not married but male friends of mine (who are) confide in the the BLESSINGS of \"the other woman\" in their lives. Marriage seems to be a lottery and when \"love dies\" but not the marriage (often for the sake of the children) TOW is a lifeline ! Married men seldom think of your experience as expressed in the final doublet \"It\'s still a lonely business ~ being the one on the side ~ A passing phase ~ at time a deadly sinful attraction !\" Thanks fior caring ~ I love you ~ HUGS ~ BRIAN. .

November 27th, 2016 05:41

Eye in the sky

Very well written and true in many ways...but we MUST all co-create a new existence in this new millennium...we must stick together ..we must unify...and we MUST manifest a prettier picture...

November 27th, 2016 00:01

Eye in the sky

WELCOME SHARON ~ Thanks you for a very angst ridden first poem ~ lamenting Man\'s inhumanity to Man. We always have to remember that GOD IS SOVEREIGN and the He is an all seeing EYE IN THE SKY. SATAN is loose in the earth and is the author of all the sin and depravity in the WORLD ~ BUT ~ The tim is coming when SATAN will be destroyed for ever and the REDEEMED of the LORD wil be transported to HEAVEN and the will be no more inequality or pain or crying and we will be forever in Heaven with the LORD. This is what the BIBLE teaches ~ just have FAITH ! Thinking of you ~ YOURS ~ BRIAN

November 26th, 2016 18:15

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