Ireland Red Label/Bronte Tribute – Poetry News Roundup April 26th

Today’s poetry news roundup on My Poetic Side looks at the 2018 Poetry Ireland Red Label project and the Bronte tribute that is being planned for unveiling on the Yorkshire moors later this year.

Poetry Ireland Day 2018

Today to mark the 2018 Poetry Ireland day over 1000 small pieces of arts will be released in celebration.

These short pieces of poetry which will be written on bright red luggage labels will be placed at a random series of locations all over Northern Ireland as well as locations further away. These micro poems form pieces of an art project named Label Lit and are the work of 65 poets. The poets are mostly based in Northern Ireland, however, there are some who have signed up to the project from abroad, from as far away as Sydney, Portugal, Spain and South Carolina.

Some of the labels will be scattered in the poet’s local area but others may be taking journeys on a train or even a plane before they find somewhere to be found. Anyone who finds a little red label is encouraged to tweet the lines of the poem they have found and take a picture of the location.

This is just one of several poetry-related events that is planned for this year’s Poetry Day and is helped by the ACNI, Northern Ireland’s Arts Council.

Maria McManus, the Belfast based poet, is the creator of the project, and she is delighted by the response of her fellow poets, she hopes that the response from the general public is equally as positive.

Bronte Tribute for Yorkshire Moors Memorial

Believe it or not but it has been 40 years since Kate Bush had a hit with Wuthering Heights, the song inspired by the novel by Emily Bronte. Now the singer has contributed to a monument that will be placed in the Yorkshire moors for the Bronte sisters.

Bush has penned a passaged about Emily that will appear as an inscription on a stone that is to be located near the Bronte’s home.

Carol Ann Duffy, the poet laureate has written a passage about Charlotte Bronte, whilst the third Bronte sister, Anne has been remembered by fellow poet Jackie Kay. The Bronte legacy is the subject of the fourth and final inscription which has been penned by author Jeanette Winterson. Each of the passages are under 100 words but fans of the Bronte’s will not be disappointed with them.

Together the four stones will create a trail that will stretch between the Bronte family home in Haworth and Thornton the birthplace of the sisters, seven miles away. They are due to be unveiled on July 7thas part of the Bradford Literature Festival.

Bush rarely takes part in any public projects, since 2014 when she performed 22 shows in London she has been out of the spotlight but said that it was a real honour to be invited to take part in the project.

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