Little Verse Book/Marvel Poets – Poetry News Roundup August 22nd

Today in our poetry news roundup we take a look at the pocket-sized book of verse that has been published for new teachers in Scotland. We also take a look at the poets who write for Marvel.

Scottish Teachers Offered New Poetry Book

As children in England still have a few weeks of their summer holidays left their contemporaries in Scotland are returning to school already. And with the start of the new term, just like with any other year a wave of new teachers prepares to inspire a generation.

These new teachers are being offered a copy of a little book titled “To Learn the Future”; this pocket-sized book of poetry is a gift from the education profession and it is hoped that it will inspire them. After all, many of the most famous poets in the world worked on their poetry whilst being involved in the classroom, including Robert FrostW.H Auden and more recently Liz Lochhead.

The book is published by The Scottish Poetry Library and has been put together with the backing of a number of the organisations involved in Scottish Education. It is hoped that it will help teachers with just some of the challenges that they might come across as they begin their careers.

The selection of poetry contained within the book is very varied with works by poets like Roger McGoughEmily Dickinsonand Billy Collins. Most of the poetry is written in English but there are also a couple of entries in Gaelic.

In 2014 the Scottish Poetry Library published another anthology of poetry “Tools of the Trade: Poems for Doctors” this was a great success, not just in the UK but also in North America; they hope that this volume for teachers will be just as successful.

Marvel’s Poets

You might be a little confused about the connection between poetry and Marvel the name behind some of the biggest comic writing, however, for Marvel the world of poetry has provided them with a very good source of writers.

Yona Harvey is an African American award-winning poet, and one of the first three African American women to in fact write for Marvel. She was a contributing writer on the Marvel comic “Black Panther and the Crew”.

On Monday Marvel made an announcement that another poet, this time Eve Ewing a Chicago-based poet, would be joining their writing team. She will be involved in writing for the Ironheart comic series which will made its public debut at the beginning of November.

Ewing came up for much critical acclaim during 2017 for her poetry collection “Electric Arches” – the book earned the Poetry Society of America’s Norma Farber First Book Award, an Alex Award from the American Library Association and also a place in the staff picks of “The Paris Review”. Her fans put together a petition on and as a direct result of this, she was approached by Marvel.

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