Poet’s Inspiration/Kazakh Poet’s Anniversary/Poet’s Statue Commissioned – Poetry News Roundup February 10th

Today’s poetry news round-up takes a look at the rapper writing poetry inspired by the Bronte’s, the anniversary of a Kazakh poet and the statue for Banjo Paterson.

Acclaimed Poet Hopes to Inspire Next Generation of Poets

The University of Huddersfield has joined forces with the acclaimed poet, playwright and rapper Testament to create a new poem that is inspired by the lives of the famous Bronte family, who have been capturing the imaginations of generations with their literary works for the last 175 years.

The poem will be promoted online via YouTube.

Dr Stewart, a course leader for creative writing at the university, said that they had wanted to work with Testament on the project because they felt that he would connect well with the students. They looked at images of the landscapes and places that surrounded the sister’s family home at Haworth and that were their inspiration for many of their works. Although Testament is not particularly well versed with the works of Anne, Charlotte and Emily he was delighted to be asked to work on the project and relished the challenge.

The poem is called “Bronte Thoughts”.

Born in London, Testament whose real name is Andy Brooks lives in West Yorkshire. He is no stranger to more classical forms of literature having previously recreated his own unique take on the William Blake poem “London”.


90th Anniversary of Kazakh Poet Celebrated

Yesterday Kazakhstan celebrated the 90th anniversary of Mukagali Makatayev, the Kazakh writer, translator and poet. This anniversary coincides with the 30th independence anniversary of the country.

Born in the village of Karasaz in 1931, the poet penned his first poem at just 17, but his first book of poetry wasn’t published until he was 33. Due to serious illness, he spent two months in hospital, and it was during this time that he wrote the bulk of his poems, over 4000 in total. He died aged 45 and most of his poems were not published until after his death.

In addition to writing his own poems, he also translated works by a number of well-known writers in Kazakh. These include “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman, “Divine Comedy” by Dante and a number of William Shakespeare’s sonnets.

New Banjo Paterson Statue Commissioned

The Banjo Paterson Museum, which is located in the small village of Yeoval, New South Wales is to become the home of a new statue which has been commissioned to mark the 157th anniversary of the birth of the bush poet who is famous for having penned “Waltzing Mathilda”.

The poet who was born Andrew Barton Paterson, was more commonly known by the name Banjo Paterson. He was born in 1864 and died at the age of 76 in 1941.

The statue which is three-metres high and made of bronze is to be unveiled in its new location which is where the poet grew up. It will be placed just outside the museum facing out towards the main street.

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