John Keats

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UNFELT unheard, unseen,
I've left my little queen,
Her languid arms in silver slumber lying:
Ah! through their nestling touch,
Who---who could tell how much
There is for madness---cruel, or complying?

Those faery lids how sleek!
Those lips how moist!---they speak,
In ripest quiet, shadows of sweet sounds:
Into my fancy's ear
Melting a burden dear,
How "Love doth know no fullness, nor no bounds."

True!---tender monitors!
I bend unto your laws:
This sweetest day for dalliance was born!
So, without more ado,
I'll feel my heaven anew,
For all the blushing of the hasty morn.

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  • kinaeasty516912

    I absolutely love this poem. It beautifully captures the emotions of someone witnessing their loved one in a peaceful sleep, and highlights the delicate balance between wanting to cherish the moment and not disturb them. It's almost like the speaker is mentally embracing their partner's presence, noting all the tiny details and love that they share in that moment. The way the emotions are described gives the poem an almost ethereal ambiance. It's such an intimate and tender piece that evokes a sense of longing and overwhelming love.

    • julialanier

      "Lines" is a touching exploration of silent love.