Behold my Treasures, Darling

Endre Ady

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Behold my treasures, darling,
they are less than a Biblical farthing,
behold the fate of a true and faithful life,
look at my grey hairs departing.
I didn't wander afar
sadly I was proud to be a Magyar,
and I got a misery, woe, misfortune
and I have reaped troubles galore.
At loving I was pretty good
couldn't be outdone even by a God
as I conceived of it as a child.
Look at me now, in pain, blood, and fever defiled.
If you hadn't come mt way
my lamenting mouth would have nothing to say
behold the mockers of integrity
sending me into the coffin.
Behold me with your love, my darling,
it was you I found while fleeing,
and if there's a smile left in this loathsome world
you are the smile of my heart.
Behold my treasures, my darling,
they're less than the Biblical farthing,
let them be dark and youthful to you,
look at my grey hairs departing.

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  • gudrungerald38

    Just read this beautiful poem by Endre Ady and it really touched my heart. His words have so much emotion and paint a vivid picture of love and sacrifice. Can anyone tell me if this poem has any specific meaning behind it or if it's about a real person in his life? Feels like there's a deeper message here that I can't put my finger on. Thanks!