The Spoils Of Annwfn


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I praise the Lord, the Sovereign of the royal realm,
Who has extended his sway over the tract of the world.
Gwair's prison in Caer Siddi was in order
Throughout the course of the story concerning Pwyll and Pryderi.
No-one before him went into it -
Into the heavy grey chain which was restraining the loyal youth.
And on account of the spoils of Annwfn he was singing bitterly
And our (own) poetic invocation shall continue until Judgement(-Day).
We went, three full loads of Prydwen, into it;
Apart from seven, none came back up from Caer Siddi.
I am one who is splendid in (making) fame: the song was heard
In the four-turreted fort, fully revolving.
It was concerning the cauldron that my first utterance was spoken:
It [ie the cauldron] was kindled by the breath of nine maidens.
The cauldron of the Chieftain of Annwfn: what is its faculty?
- Dark (ornament) and pearls around its rim -

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  • elishahoule2816

    I couldn't really connect with this piece. The meter and language felt distant and obscure. There seemed to be an underlying theme and some deeper meanings that I didn't quite grasp. It just didn't resonate with me, maybe it would with frequent poetry readers.