River And Sky


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Oh friend, I cannot tell you
Whether he was near or far, real or a dream.
Like a vine of lightning,
As I chained the dark one,
I felt a river flooding in my heart.
Like a shining moon,
I devoured that liquid face.
I felt stars shooting around me.
The sky fell with my dress,
leaving my ravished breasts.
I was rocking like the earth.
In my storming breath
I could hear my ankle-bells,
sounding like bees.
Drowned in the last waters of dissolution,
I knew that this was not the end.

Says Vidyapati:
How can I possibly believe such nonsense?

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  • dyanxdq6993575

    Just finished "River And Sky" and whoa, it's powerful! The moments of passion and surrender sweep you off your feet, such as "I felt a river flooding in my heart." Although it's beautifully written, the ending leaves me confused. Why would the poet think such intense feelings are nonsense? Could anyone enlighten me?