The Pet of the Cradle

Septimus Winner

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[incomplete, missing two lines of verse]
bright are the smiles ever beaming from eyes
That greet us with pleasure and trust in our care.
The toil of a day, may be dearth to a heart;
The care of a household the toil of a life
But there's joy in the prospect of meeting at home,
The "Pet of the Cradle", the smile of a wife.


Who love not a child with its innocent smile,
And its delicate figure so young and so fair;
And who cannot clasp to ones bosom awhile,
The joy of a household, the cherish'd one there;
We look at its follies and smile to behold
The joy that a footstep can bring to the eye,
But none like a parent can dare to enfold,
The "Pet of the Cradle" so fair and so shy.


A home hath its charms be they ever so few,
And the fare of the poor is but humble indeed,
Yet hearts, with a care that is earnest and true,
Look well to the wants of an infant in need.
Whatever be the station in sorrow or joy;
Whatever be the fate that our fortunes may cast,
Our hearts may be true to the circle around,
But the "Pet of the Cradle" fares best to the last.

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