The Riddle

Richard Wilbur

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Shall I love God for causing me to be?
I was mere utterance; shall these words love me?

Yet when I caused His work to jar and stammer,
And one free subject loosened all His grammar,

I love Him that He did not in a rage
Once and forever rule me off the page,

But, thinking I might come to please Him yet,
Crossed out 'delete' and wrote His patient 'stet'.

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  • indianasmithson

    Just read "The Riddle" and found it thought-provoking. What do you think it means?

    • alda20c0639

      This poem got me thinking deep, you know? Like, it's real intense and kinda confusin at first, but I dig the line "And one free subject loosened all His grammar,". Makes me think about how our missteps can mess up the divine plan, maybe? Still, ending with "Crossed out 'delete' and wrote His patient 'stet'," hints towards hope, forgiveness, a second chance? It's like God's editing our life script, but with lotsa love and patience. Gives me warm vibes. Respect for the poet and their mastery of words. Got me reflecting on life stuff. 😌✨🙏🖋️