Sir William Alexander

XVI: Some Verses: Of Conquerouris

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Thay quho to conqueir all the erth presume,
A littill airth schall thame at last consume.

Of Kingis

Mo Kingis in chalmeris fall by flatterreris charmis,
Than in the feild by the aduersareis armis.

A Comparisone betuix heich and law Estaitis.
The bramble growis althocht it be obscure,
Quhillis michty cederis feilis the busteous windis;
And myld plebeyan spreitis may leif secure,
Quhylis michty tempestis toss imperiall myndis.

Off an Ennemy

An ennemy, gif it be weill adwysd',
Thocht he seme waik sould' never be dispysd.

Off Man

No woundir thocht men change and faid,
Quho of thir chengeing elementis ar maid.

Off the Erth

We may compair the erthis glory to a floure,
That flurische and faideth in an houre.

Off Man

Quhat are we bot a puff of braith,
Quho live assurd' of nothing bot of deth.

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