Glee—The great storm is over

Emily Dickinson

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Glee—The great storm is over—
Four—have recovered the Land—
Forty—gone down together—
Into the boiling Sand—

Ring—for the Scant Salvation—
Toll—for the bonnie Souls—
Neighbor—and friend—and Bridegroom—
Spinning upon the Shoals—

How they will tell the Story—
When Winter shake the Door—
Till the Children urge—
But the Forty—
Did they—come back no more?

Then a softness—suffuse the Story—
And a silence—the Teller's eye—
And the Children—no further question—
And only the Sea—reply—

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  • addiewinsor

    Just come across this poem "Glee—The great storm is over" by Emily Dickinson and I must say, it really got me thinking. I like how the author writes about both hope and tragedy in such a simple yet powerful way, makes you imagne the scene. The poem kind of leaves you wondering tho, like what exactly happened to the Forty that went down in the storm? It would be nice to know more about their story, but I guess that's for the reader to decide. Can anyone give their thoughts on this?

    • markalaa

      Not super thrilled bout having to read this Dickinson poem for English. it's kinda confusing. I mean okay theres a storm and ppl went down and 4 survived but whats up with the rest of the poem? I get that this is classic literature and everything but idk, I prefer more modern poetry, its easier to relate to in my opinion. also sad that the children "no further question"... This one's a downer Emily Dickinson, I hpe the rest of her stuff isn't this glum. can't wait till this homework assignmet is over.