OXYGEN ~ In we Breath and lungs receive 

HAEM picks up in BLOOD ~ OXY-HAEM thats good !


WATER  WATER EVERYWHERE ~ but is it Potable ?

Need EIGHT pints a day ~ to keep us Floatable !


POTASSIUM ~ In veg & Fruit ~ your FIVE a Day

Will make sure our Brains are here to stay !


IRON ~ Found in Meat & Beans & Nuts

Makes sure our BLOOD flows through our Guts !


MAGNESIUM ~ Found on Veg & Grains

Reduces Stress and clears our clogged up BRAINS !


PHOSPHORUS ~ Meat Fish & Grains each day

Builds up our Muscles and makes DNA !


ZINC ~ Found in Meat & Nuts & Grain

Makes our Skin glow clear again !


CALCIUM ~ In Veg & Bony Fish & Milk

Makes our Bones as strong and flex as SILK !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก


In DEVELOPED COUNTRIES everyone has access to

clean Potable WATER and Air Quality is good apart

from the Big Cities !  Food is plentiful and affordable

for all to have a Balanced Diet which ensures an

adequate provision of  ESSENTIAL MINERALS. In

many Developing Countries there is a shortage of 

Water and a scarcity of Mineral rich Food. Soil is 

also important because that is the source of Minerals

in plants and subsequently in Meat Clorophyll 

(magnesium) Haem (iron) Vitamin B12 (cobalt)

all have a similar structure with the higlighted

METAL at its centre. Other minerals play a vital

part in Human biochemical metabolism ! ANGELA

and I have both studied BIOCHEMISTRY awesome

suject and understand the importance of minerals

in Human Biochemistry. Love to all BRIAN & ANGELA   










  • orchidee

    Another fine and informative write B&A. Any minerals in sherry? heehee.


      Thanks UNCLE STEVE ~ Just as you try to EDIFY each day ~ so Angela & I try to EDUCATE. All fortified Wines (like Sherry) contain minerals and so are nutritious ! "Take a little Wine for they stomachs sake and oft infirmaties ~ was UNCLE PAULS advice to TIMOTHY ! Every Blessing BRIAN. Ive added Autumn Leaves ~ Classical Guitar # please revisit ~ Thanks.

    • Michael Edwards

      Only a few have access to them all and of those who do many chose not to ensure they eat a balanced diet.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS UNCLE MIKE ~ The Underdeveloped have no choice and are often starved of PROTEIN as well. But ~ as you say ~ the Developed do have choice but choose to ignore it ! Angela & I have no excuse because Human Nutrition was part of our Degree Courses. Yours as always BRIAN.

      • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

        Your easy to digest words of knowledge, pertaining to the elements and compounds composing minerals, and are necessary for good health, is encouraging.

        With today's fast pace it's difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can barely drink one pint of water a day, but you are correct in referencing eight pints.

        Those of us who fail to meet our nutritional requirements will eventually suffer sickness and/or disease. That's a given!

        Great informative post! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks TAMARA ~ Angela & I have an advantage because we studied these subjects @ College. The 8 pints of Water covers all water based beverages ~ tea - coffee - fruit juice etc ~ OK. YES people do skip meals ~ due to pressure of WORK etc. For LONG Vitality a Balanced Diet is essential ! Yours as always BRIAN

        • Fay Slimm.

          Full of needed reminders on how vital those mentioned elements are to us all -- thanks for the list and the reasons for eating a healthy diet dear Brian. And Wow - - oh that number - Autumn Leaves always gets to my memories and brings a grateful tear -- so well played - - listening to every nuance and key change as I type this comment - -thanks for including the magic of excellence on a guitar.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS FAY ~ pleased you enjoyed the POEM & especially the VIDEO ! Angela plays Classical Guitar and it is my fave instrument. Autumn Leaves is very nostalgic for me to (No ANGELA to swish with I) and this is a perfect rendition. Blessings ~ Yours as always ~ BRIAN

          • Goldfinch60

            Thanks fort the biochemistry lesson, I think that I eat all of those.

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