A War

King and queen sit in a chair,

barking orders without a care.

Sending troops down to the earth,

from the sky kingdom, from their home turf.

Slowly arriving, starting a war.

Causing pain and so much more.

Soldiers are coming,

children are crying,

guns are now shooting,

so we are dying.

Long this war rages, scaring mankind,

when come reinforcements, taking our side.

Sent from the heavens, called by our hope,

they send those soldiers back as they mope.

Everyone smiles, everyone laughs.

We have our peace. Finally, at last.

The yellow sun rises, the blue moon goes down.

Starting a new day in this thankful town.


  • mikeal

    beautifuly put togather very nicely done bravo

  • Cheeky Missy

    Very fascinating piece! It has implications of something spiritual, and then can be argued with against the Bible, so I will not enter into that now.
    Your end-rhyming is very nice and I quite enjoyed this piece!
    Keep posting.... you write well!

  • dbremner

    Good piece. I like its optimistic nature whilst it does not avoid the wickedness of the atrocities we carry out on one another.

  • nikhilps

    this is a nice piece of work... and the end-rhyming is very nice that gives a flow to it.... keep on writing...

  • StormyDay

    I liked this very much, especially the objectiveness of the poem. The transition between tones is fairly smooth, great job!

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