I'm sorry;
for all the things I said
and all the things I didn't say.


I'm sorry;
for all things left undone;
the small gestures
that make the difference.


I'm sorry;
I didn't listen to you-
that I was so stubborn,
when you only meant the best
for me.


I'm sorry for heartbreaking you.


If you can,
please forgive me.

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  • Marius

    "and all the things I didn't say"... how true. How often we forget that. Thank you for the reminder in this beautiful little poem.

  • gerrylegister

    lovely reminder of things left undone

  • Cheeky Missy

    I LOVE the image...the puppy is so perfectly fitting and so adorable! It's a short and sweet apology only too applicable to life with those who love you....Excellent! And they must readily forgive, if they love you....if not, somehow it takes some of the weight out of the apology anyway. I enjoyed this.

  • StormyDay

    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragemnent. 🙂

  • Lonelykaren

    this is a good poem sometimes we dont think wht we say is hurtful untill the damage is done . well great poem.

  • Emi

    I love it!! I especially love the first stanza - so true! What is left unsaid is sometimes more hurtful that what is said... If this is based off of something that has happened to you, then I hope you were forgiven. 🙂

  • SauravRHS

    Simple and good! Loved it! I guess there won't be anyone who will read this and yet remain angry. They will have to give in... awsome!

  • StormyDay

    Aw, thank you all. Your opinions mean so much.

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