If only you could see what is in my heart,
maybe then you wouldn't  have torn it apart.
With a resounding echo memories surface from the past,
maybe you and I were never meant to last.

But what of these emotions? Why do they feel so right?
Why must you fill my thoughts every single night?
I tried to turn away; I tried so hard to hide;
but the further I went away, the more a part of me died.

Now I am without an answer I have not even a clue,
of what else I can do to stop myself from falling again for
I look at my life and connect the dots of pain;
Pain! - You are doomed to haunt me over and over again.

Despair has overtaken me,
Loneliness reigns by royal decree.
I can no longer fight this torment -
Quietly I shall fade away, into nothingness I shall be sent.


  • StormyDay

    Beautiful, sad, and well written. I like your style.

    • Ashley

      Thank you

    • Emi

      So sad. :( Beautifully written - I love the emotion you put into it! I love it!

      • Ashley

        Thank you so much

      • erin wynette

        so sad....i can feel the emotion...good job!!

        • Ashley

          I had trouble writing this one because of the feelings in it thank you for the compliments :)

          • erin wynette

            coz maybe you're not in despair, instead, you are inlove!!!

          • Cheeky Missy

            Very well-written, depicting rather poignantly the very real despair and heartache. You expressed it so perfectly, all the swirling, tormenting thoughts, from admitting it was doomed, to denying it should be, to being unable to live without, thus despairing....Excellent!!! Bittersweetly beautiful!

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