Michael Edwards


The picture above is me working in the studio taken from my website. For an explanation about the work below please see my comments in the COMMENTS box to the right.


No resting place for pliant thoughts

His fears to die an unwept death

Were still inclined

Inclined by indolence

But slowly bruises with

As old presiding spirit flowed

Once stupefied his soul

Unfolding now

Seeks to cross divided thoughts

old / dissipate unfounded prejudices

Blind prejudice _/Feelings …..influenced the tongue

Where once the soiled water flowed

As sunshine falls on barren ? arid soils

He seeks to cross the ? empty basin

As rivulets begin to flow

The dark obstructions

swept away

Sources of all displeasure

And snow melt waters start to seep

Builds …….

And feelings fountain flows again.

And /‘tho /now on calming waters

He no longer looks/no more/ for bridges.



    EXCELLENT MICHAEL ~ Thanks for taking time and space to explain the "Evolution of a Poem" One of the problems of composing on a PC is that all the DRAFTS are deleted. When I give a talk on a POET like John Betjeman I show picture of his altered and revised MS because it demonstrates the process you describe. Betjeman's finished poems are honed masterpieces and a "linguisitic and grammar model" for any Young Poet to try to emulate. My posted poems are not perfect and I do get sent corrections ! I don't do it all on the PC but my paper pre-copies are all destroyed ! I look forward to your Poem ~ BRIAN. Please check my latest poem which just flowed and needed no editing ! However if I had thought about I would not have posted it ~ Trump's G-Men know where I live ! Thanks B

    • Michael Edwards

      I do so agree with you Brian. I often think that JB is often by-passed probably because his work is so often tongue in cheek or light hearted but for me he is up there with the best. I also love Roger McGough and John Hegley for the same reasons.

    • WriteBeLight

      Very educational. Great shot of you!

      • Michael Edwards

        thanks so much and- yes - probably one of the better shots.

      • rrodriguez

        Your first stage certainly has a form to sculp a beautiful poem. The process of writing a poem may take tme, but is worth it to produce great work.

        • Michael Edwards

          Often just gathering ideas can take days - often getting inspiration from books and even dialogue on the TV - thanks for commenting rrodiguez.

        • janetaylor

          wow ~ you do work clean! so glad you posted this so that we could get a view into your studio and additionally into the creative process of your poetry writing! can't wait to see the finished product, although the unfinished product is pretty amazing in and of itself!

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Janey - I am rather tidy (almost obsessively so) and having read through my scribbles I must agree the first 3 or 4 lines almost stand up in their own right.

          • Tristan Robert Lange

            Wow! Thanks for sharing this! Cannot wait to see the finished work!

            • Michael Edwards

              Posted tomorrow first light here in the UK - thanks for commenting.

            • MendedFences27

              Sometimes we have to look out the window to see the light and realize that the bridge to Paradise is a two way crossing.Our attitudes, our outlook on life, and life in general is a blank canvas. We choose the image, the color, the lighting.
              A great idea for your poem. Old feelings (soiled water) are refreshed by (snow melt waters). No need to search for a better place. Happiness is here. Will look forward to tomorrow's post. - Phil A.

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks so much Phil - just hope I wake up tomorrow - well you never know :0)

              • Christina8

                It's interesting to see how you make your artwork and poems. I really liked your poem today. Can't wait to see what you post tomorrow!!

              • Tony36

                Awesome write

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks Tony - well I hope so - let me know what you think when I post the outcome.

                  • Tony36


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